Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are we really at 34 weeks!?!?

I just hit 34 weeks yesterday. There are 41 days left till my due date. Time is going by so quickly, I never thought 34 weeks would come. I feel huge now compared to how I felt the last couple of weeks. Baby is moving around like crazy and I can definitely see her different body parts poking at my belly.

I've started feeling a lot of the not so fun pregnancy symptoms now that I've reached week 34. My back pain is getting pretty unbearable. I have cankles!!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw them so that's kind of depressed me a little but I guess it comes with the territory. I've also started to feel a lot of different cramps and tightening in my stomach, borderline BH contractions.

I'm going to be starting my series of classes next month. I'm taking a lamaze and birthing class and I'm really excited about them because I know they will help me feel less nervous about the whole thing. I'm definitely looking forward to learning hands on and not just from my pregnancy books. Derek and I went to a breastfeeding class today and that was really informational and we really enjoyed it.

I still feel really unprepared but that's only because we haven't gotten all of the little things we need yet. We have a bathtub and several outfits and a ton of diaper boxes. We have the bassinet but haven't set it up yet, we're waiting till about week 36. I'll be flying home this weekend for two baby showers, one that my friends are throwing me and one that my mom is throwing me for my family. My dad is going to be buying us the car seat; I'm excited to get that and get it all set up and ready to go. I think once I get back home from the baby showers and really get into the last weeks I'll feel more prepared and hopefully not as nervous. I just want to make sure everything is ready for our little girl.

Here is a picture of me from last week at 33 weeks. [I look huge!]

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