Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is It Really April Already!?!?

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going by already! It feels like Christmas just happened and now we are already past Easter. April is one of my favorite months, even though the weather hasn't been so nice but I guess that's April showers for you.

Alexis will be 2 in a month! I can't believe how quickly these last 2 years have gone by. Lexi is growing up so fast and it makes me sad to think of her getting older this quickly. She is still very petite for almost being 2. We ordered her invites on Etsy and I added some rhinestones to them, I think it makes it perfect; I'm happy with how they turned out. I will be sending the invites out this week and will also be ordering her dress and crown :) I am so in love with the little dress. Since Lexi's birthday is during the week we decided to have her party that weekend at a local park. My parents and my brothers are all coming out :) I am excited to see my little niece Harlow.

Aside from Lexi's birthday coming up, we've just been really busy with work. The last day of school is June 14th so I am thinking of looking for a temp job for those 2 months I won't be working until the next school year starts; I'm still not completely sure yet though. Derek is doing amazing at his job :)

We put Alexis in a new daycare :) I liked her old daycare but Derek and I bought felt that they weren't spending enough time academically stimulating her. The location also was not ideal now that we have both changed jobs and it got really expensive. So we looked at a couple of different ones and found one that is on the way to my work. It's a newer daycare and it is less expensive but so much better than the last one she was at. The rooms are organized really well and they let us know they do really well with helping to potty train, which we will be starting on right after she turns 2. I thought she might have a problem adjusting the first day but they told us she did great :) I love this place!

On another note, a while back we were really looking to get into a house but had decided not to pursue it because we don't plan to be in Utah for more than 4 years and didn't want the hassle of trying to sell it. However as of late we've thought about it a lot and don't want to throw four years of rent away when we could be investing it in a house. We are wanting a townhome and we went to check some out this weekend and I completely fell in love with one of them so we are hoping by October/November to hopefully be able to purchase :)

Here is a picture of Alexis' invites :) I think that is all for now, enjoy!