Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bigger Bump Equals Bigger Spending :)

Derek and I just made our move back up to Northern California, the move was bittersweet, leaving Southern California made me sad but I also have lots of love for the Bay Area and will enjoy living in the area again. I miss my family, especially my little brother but it's nice to get to spend time with my in laws :)

My belly is getting bigger and bigger everyday, it's starting to point out and it's pretty weird looking at myself in the mirror and trying not to freak out over how huge I look! I'm a week away from the 3rd Trimester, just turned 25 weeks yesterday :) I finally got to do some maternity shopping the other day. I bought a couple of pairs of capris, tops, layering tanks and a cute long sleeve open sweater :) This past weekend my in laws came down to Southern California to visit us and help us move and while they were there we went to The Block at Orange and I bought some adorable baby onesies (I will post some pictures soon) and my wonderful mother in law and younger sister in law bought us a ridiculously adorable bathing suit and matching dress for our little girl :)) We also got some adorable bath towels and blanket from my other sister in law and her husband, we hadn't seen them for Christmas so we finally got to see the gift :) I'm loving all these little baby purchases and I can't wait to see what else we get along the way.

I'm still not sure when we'll be having my baby shower and I still haven't figured out when I will be taking my maternity pictures but I really need to get on that since time seems to be flying by.

Ohhh and of course how could I forget! We did our 3D/4D Ultrasound this last Saturday, my parents and little brothers were there and so were my in laws. Every time I get to see my little girl it is the most amazing feeling, but this time to get to see her in 4D was the best feeling ever. We did it at 24 weeks and they recommend you do it between 28 and 34 weeks to get the best pictures but I really didn't want to wait and I wanted my parents to be able to be there too and since we were moving that weekend it wouldn't have been possible. Here are some pictures :)

Our little girls face:) She's got my lips ;)

This was so precious she had her hand under her chin and the other hand at the back of her head, you can see her elbow.

It looks like she is shushing us with her finger over her lips.

It looks like she's giving us the thumbs up in this pictures, she's just posing away.

She's kicking her little foot to her head :)

We had a ton more pictures but it's pretty much more of the same just slightly different angles. I am so in love with her cute little face. I might be biased but I think she is sooo cute, I wish we could have waited longer, when she had more fat on her so we could get an even better look but I still think she's beautiful, she has my lips and it looks like she has a little button nose. I swear she was smiling the whole time, maybe it's just me but it looks like she can't stop smiling. The place we went to was really great, we got a DVD of the ultrasound and a CD with pictures and a ton of 3D/4D pictures printed out.

Well that's all the updating I have for now, enjoy :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Baby!

This post is supposed to be more baby ranting but I couldn't post something today without mentioning the amazing game last night. I had been looking forward to the Super Bowl for 2 weeks and yesterday my Packers did not disappoint. I am ecstatic that they won and I'm so happy my little girl is coming into a year where her team wins the Super Bowl, because my baby is definitely a Packer's Baby!

So enough of that, now time for some baby ranting.

Today I had a doctors appointment, just a typical check up to hear the baby's heartbeat but we also got to find out if everything was ok from the last ultrasound, regarding the baby's measurements. The doctor said I'm doing great :) and our little girl measured perfectly! Now we're pretty much just riding it out and making sure I'm ok, the doctor said we're pretty much done with blood test for the baby and everything we just need to make sure I'm ok.

I'm about 2 weeks away from entering into the 3rd trimester and I'm ridiculously excited. My belly has gotten bigger, it seems to be growing everyday. Our little girl is the size of a papaya right now and apparently she's taking up a lot of room in my belly. I've been feeling her hiccup a lot and kick every once in a while, it's a crazy feeling but I love it, when she's not moving around I find myself giving my stomach a little shake and asking her to wake up :)

I'm excited in the next few weeks to do some real baby shopping. I really need to go maternity clothes shopping, which I'm excited to do. I'm also really looking forward to buying my diaper bag! It is a Timi & Leslie Baby Jane in black.
I love this diaper bag because it's stylish I can use it as a purse and a diaper bag, instead of having to haul around a purse and a diaper bag, plus I think it's really cute.

I've also been going back and forth about what stroller I want. At first even before we got pregnant I had been looking at the Maclaren strollers and had my heart set on one of these.
However, I have been going back and forth for a while and the other day I was at the mall with my best friend and we were looking at baby clothes and I saw this women with the Quinny Buzz 3 and I all of a sudden really wanted that stroller, I had seen it before online and really liked it but seeing it in person was even better. I know it's different from the traditional stroller and I think that's what I really like about it, it's trendy but still comfortable, it's not bulky which is a big deal for me and it's stylish. It's kind of expensive so It would take a lot of convincing of the husband on my part to be able to get it. For now though I'm really in love with it.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most though is going baby girl clothes shopping!!! I haven't bought any baby clothes yet, we've been trying to hold off but I can't wait much longer so in the following weeks once we make our big move, I'm going to scour the Bay Area for the perfect baby clothes :)

Since I'm no longer in school and I'm also not working at the moment I've been spending a lot of time watching tv and reading pregnancy books, magazines, and spend a substantial amount of time on thebump. One of the things I watch a lot of is Baby Story, it's a show on TLC that documents the last weeks of a woman's pregnancy. I love watching the show but I can't help but get really emotional, I mean I'm already an emotional person (it's my cancer side) but this is out of control, when they show the baby being born, I without fail break down and cry. I know I'm probably just crying out of excitement for wanting to be in that position myself but It makes me feel like a big baby. I don't mind crying though it just sucks because it gives Derek something to make fun of me for. No worries though I know Derek will turn into a big fat baby when he gets to meet our little girl ;)

Well for now that is all I have to report. Hopefully I'll have some more fun news to share soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Been A While, So It's Time For An Update

So it's been a while since I posted anything so I thought I should do a little updating. The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. I have a couple of changes going on right now so I thought I would update on that.

In terms of school I won't be going to Law School this semester. Due to some personal issues I feel like right now is not the best time for me to be going to Law School and I'm going to take some time off to work and be with my family. Hopefully I can go back in the near future because Law is definitely still what I want to do and where I want to be.

Along with my decision to leave school for the time being, Derek and I will be moving up to Northern California. I will be taking time off to relax before the baby comes, after the baby is born I will be working and Derek will be finishing school. I miss San Francisco and it will be nice to be back in the Bay Area for a little bit before Derek and I move back down here for good.

Now for some baby news! So the last post I wrote I talked about how we would be finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. We'll turns out we're having a girl :)))) We are sooooo excited! We had two sets of names picked out for a boy or a girl so we already know what we're naming her. After we found out we're having a girl we registered for gifts and it was so fun. We also scheduled a 4D ultrasound for the 19th and we're going to have my parents and Derek parents come so they can see the baby. I'm really excited to start buying more baby stuff, so far we've only purchased the bath tub and some pacifiers. I just recently felt the baby kick for the first time and over the past 2 days she's been going crazy in my belly and kicking and hiccuping like crazy, it's such a weird feeling but it's amazing.

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and it feels surreal that I'm past the halfway point. I finally need to start buying some real maternity clothes, so I'm excited to go shopping. I'm also looking forward to waddling. Even before Derek and I decided to get pregnant waddling has always been my favorite thing, when I would see other pregnant women, I just want to waddle like a penguin :) I know it's probably weird but I'm excited.

Here's a picture of our last ultrasound :)