Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alexis' 15 Month Appointment

Alexis had her 15 month appointment today :) She has had a cold the last couple of days, so daddy stayed home with her since I could not miss work; since I've used all of my points and vacation time to take off that week for Southern California. Alexis was feeling a lot better today so when we got to her appointment, she was a little tired but her stuffy nose was pretty much gone.

So this was Alexis' appointment with her new pediatrician. I looked at a lot of reviews and what other mommies said when looking for her new pediatrician and may I say I did a good job picking Dr. Nagle, she is amazing. I also really love the Riverton hospital, it is really nice.

So Alexis came in a little under what I expected her to weigh, which made me sad at first but after talking to her doctor I feel good about it. Alexis' height is in the 10th percentile, which I don't mind, short girls are the cutest :) Alexis' head is in the 70th percentile lol thanks to daddy ;)

So Alexis had 4 shots and she also had her hemoglobin tested to see where her iron levels are at. Alexis usually cries very little after her shots and then once she has some tylenol she is ok, well this time she cried pretty bad. The girl giving her the shots was really sweet but she kind of just stabbed her with them as quickly as possible, which I think almost made it worse :( But after some hugs from mommy and some milk she was better. Alexis' iron levels are better than they were at her 12 month appointment but her pediatrician wants to keep her on it till her 18 month visit. Also, because of where we live and there not being any fluoride in the water, Alexis also needs to start taking fluoride tablets. Alexis was taking vitamin/fluoride drops when she was 6 months or so but had stopped taking them.

Derek and I were both concerned about her weight, when they weighed her in, but Dr. Nagle echoed the thought we've been hearing since her first appointment. Alexis is always going to be petite. As long as she's growing at her curve it doesn't matter what other babies her age weigh, which makes me happy to hear. Alexis eats a ton and she's very active so it's not for lack of eating she's just always going to grow at her own pace. Dr. Nagle was very excited to hear about all the fruits and veggies that Alexis loves to eat and developmentally she is right on track :)

Alexis has her first appointment with her dentist next Wednesday! I am excited! Only I would get excited about dental appointments lol I let Dr. Nagle know we had set up an appointment for her, she said that the American Pediatrics Association recommends between 1 and 2 years old but that she usually recommends 2 but once we told her that Alexis has 10 teeth, she definitely thinks it's a great idea to get her into the dentist.

I am so glad that we found this amazing pediatrician for Alexis. I really really like her. She is funny, friendly, and super open to any questions or concerns I had, plus Alexis really liked her :) which is the most important thing.

Today is a beautiful day!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Baby Is Getting So Big.

Alexis has her 15 month appt on Tuesday with her new doctor! I'm excited to find out where Alexis is with her weight. I'm hoping that she'll be atleast 23lbs but I think she may be closer to 21lbs. Alexis is an amazing eater but she is so active so she may just be burning off everything she eats. She will be getting some more shots this time, but I'm not worried, she is a trooper when it comes to getting shots.

On another note, Alexis got moved up from the snuggle bunnies room to the next one up! Apparently she is walking a lot at daycare and they felt she would do better in the other room because the kids go outside more and they have more appropriate toys for Alexis. Alexis loves being in the other class and loves that she gets to be outside more. That's exciting!

I have started working out and stopped drinking soda; not that I drank a lot to begin with but I wanted to stop completely once I started working out, once I get in the hang of things I may have it once in a while. I have been drinking tons of water, thanks in large part to the waterlog challenge we had at work. We got points for drinking atleast 64oz of water a day. I ordered my running shoes last week so once I get them I will be working out at the gym at work, for now I'm working out at home on the bike. I need to make an appt to get a physical done to really see where I'm at. I'm excited to get back into shape :)

Oh and I know I've said it already but I am uber excited to be going to Southern California for a whole week next month!!! Only 3 more weeks!

That is all for now.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Looking Forward To Our Trip To Southern California :)

This week has been hell and it's not even over yet. I've been working 11 hour days these last 3 days and have two more to go, tomorrow and Saturday. I am exhausted but I keep telling myself the crazy overtime will be worth it. Next week I will also be picking up some overtime, I do every week but these next two weeks I'm picking a lot more.

I guess the hours will pay off because next week I finally get to buy some new running shoes :) I finally will be able to start working out again. We have a gym at work, that's free :) and I need to take advantage of that and get back into shape! Here are the cute shoes that keep me going at work <3

I took paid time off the 18th-21st of September to go down to Southern California. Derek has to go down there for work so Alexis and I will be visiting the fam :) I have never been this excited to go home. It's probably because of all the little babies we get to spend time with! I don't work Sundays or Mondays and since I took off Tues-Friday paid, Derek wants us to leave Saturday after I get off work so we'll be down there 6 days and then I will come back and work Saturday and have 2 more days off, yay for that!

Derek will be going to some work meetings/presentation/convention things in different parts of Southern California. Alexis and I will spend time with my parents and my best friends :) We get to meet Alexis' little cousin Harlow for the first time! Also one of my best friends little girl Aubrey :)

We plan to go to the L.A. County fair while we are down there, we went while I was pregnant :) lol well I was technically about a week pregnant ;) I am excited to go! Also I get to go on a mini shopping spree; Alexis is almost outgrown all of her clothes, so we get to go shopping. I have been "window" shopping online. So far these are some of the outfits I want to get her.

There are a ton of other cute outfits I saw at Carters last time we were there so I'm excited to go shopping with Amandalyn :) We are keeping it to a mini shopping spree since we want to wait till October to go winter clothes shopping for Alexis. We bought her a new jacket today. Daycare let us know she needed a jacket, the last one she had doesn't fit her anymore and we hadn't bought her a new one since it is summer time. The jacket is pink, gray, and has some purple, it's so cute <3

I'm also excited to get Lexi her Halloween costume. I definitely want to get it in early to mid September, I remember last year we got her costume in the beginning of October and the one we wanted was gone :( I want her to be a bumble bee, Derek doesn't really care. I would also like her to be a lady bug lol so we'll see.

Well that is it for now. Enjoy ;)

P.S. Alexis has her 10th tooth coming in! It's her 2nd molar, ep!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something To Look Forward To

We have been staying with Derek's grandma for the past month and a half; We had planned to only stay here for 2 months and then move into an apartment. However, we really want to get into a home and we're planning on saving up and trying to get into a home next August, once we had saved up enough money, payed down all our debt and worked on bringing our credit up some more. Well we really thought about it and we really want to get into a house sooner than next August if we can. Derek has been doing really well at work so we decided to stay here until the beginning of next year when we will hopefully have saved enough money for a down payment and paid off all of our debt to be able to get into a house.

I have been pinning some ideas on pinterest :) Even though it is difficult to not be in our own place it is something to look forward to, being able to get into our own home.

Just wanted to share that :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Toy :)

We have been meaning to get Alexis a walking toy. She is walking along things like crazy and we know if she had a walking toy she would get to walking on her own a lot faster. We had our eyes set on the Stride-to-Ride Dino.

The dino is so cute! None of the Targets or Walmart's had it and none of the Babies R Us' in Utah had it and the lady tried calling some in California and have them ship it to us, but the ones they called also didn't have them. Looks like all of the ones in California apparently don't have them in stock either. The lady thinks that maybe Fisher Price is coming out with something different. I was so bummed so we ended up going with a different one from V-Tech.

There was a baby stroller walker and a couple of other ones. I really liked the baby stroller but Derek didn't like it. I was sold on the V-tech one because it is in English and Spanish :) You can play with just the main part on the ground, walk with it or place it at an angle where Alexis can sit or kneel in front of it and press all the different buttons and everything. It plays music, has numbers and animals and makes driving noises :) She loves it! She is walking around like crazy with it, the only thing that sucks is that it doesn't turn well it goes straight ahead or straight back. I will post some pictures and maybe some videos of Alexis with her walker soon. That is all :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Update On The Long Weekend

Soundtrack For the Blog Today: Spice Girls 2 Become 1 [Takes me back]

This weekend went by way too fast. I had requested Saturday off a couple of weeks ago, and I don't work Sundays or Mondays. Derek's parents were visiting along with Holly. Derek and I finally got haircuts this weekend lol it had been so long and was very much needed. Saturday afternoon we went down to the Manti Temple. It is really pretty, looks like a castle. We grabbed some lunch and Derek's family went to the temple. Derek's cousin is getting married so they were taking out their endowments, so a ton of the family went. Derek, Holly, Alexis, and I hung out outside and went for a drive while we waited for them to finish. After everybody was done we drove back up to Provo and had dinner.

Sunday we woke up and had breakfast and played some card/board games. We went to church for the first hour and came back home and played some more board games. Everyone came over and we had fish tacos for dinner, it was really yummy! Alexis loved the fish; she's had salmon but she hadn't had other types of fish yet.

After dinner we came downstairs and watched the Blindside, one of my favorite movies. Alexis played for a little bit and then we all went to bed. Derek's parents left this morning and Derek had to go to work.

Alexis was happy to see her Aunt Holly and her grandparents.

This morning we woke up around 8:30, Alexis had some yummy blueberries, melon, oatmeal, and milk for breakfast. After breakfast she played for a little bit and went down for a nap. I took advantage of Alexis being asleep and took a shower, cleaned up the room and got some laundry started. Once Alexis woke up I decided she needed some pool time :) so I got her little pool out and she spent some time splashing around. After hanging out in the pool I gave her a bath and we ate some lunch. Now she's just lounging on momma while I blog.

Alexis is the best little eater I have ever seen. After watching how other kids eat, I am so thankful Alexis is a good eater. She eats everything. She loves fish, turkey, meat, chicken and loves all fruits and vegetables! She is a bottomless pit too, will eat everything on her place and want more. She burns off all her food because she's so active, so her food doesn't stick on here lol. Love my good little eater :)

Having a long weekend makes it so hard to go back to work; so I'm definitely not excited to have to wake up at 5am tomorrow and go back to work. September needs to hurry up and get here so we can head down to Southern California! This is a pretty short blog but I wanted to update about the weekend.