Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's New?

It's been about a month since I posted; I told myself I was going to post more often but I feel like my life is so uneventful as of late. 

Lexi is getting bigger and sassier! She has been very whiny lately, those terrible twos are living up to their reputation. She is very temperamental but than super sweet. We call her a sour patch kid. She loves to say no and lately she's been pulling my hair. I am definitely not down with her misbehaving so I've been super stern with her and hoping together Derek and I can get her to stop acting out. 

Aside from being extra sassy, which may be due to her growing pains, she is talking so much now and is ready to potty train :) she's gone at daycare a couple of times and they let me know they are going to officially start soon so we can mirror it at home. I am excited for her to learn and excited for no more diapers. Yay for cute underwear! 

As Lexi gets older I love seeing little bits of her personality that remind me of me. She loves "reading" she will sit with a book and look through it like she's actually reading. Her daycare teacher tells me that she loves to sit in the little reading nook and just read all day also she told me she points to the radio whenever she wants to dance and apparently she loves to dance; Definitely my little mini me :) 

I gave my 2 weeks notice this weekend at OG. The only reason I worked there for this long was the extra money. I think I may have a bone spur in my foot so continuing to work there is making it worse. I have to see a doctor about it. I am going to miss the extra money and I do love the people I work with but it's just not worth it anymore.

We had planned to go to Seattle next weekend for my brothers birthday but we decided we couldn't afford to go :( but I am hoping end of February we can go to Southern California and see my family and friends. 

Well that is all I have to say. Enjoy :)