Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Excited For This Weekend

We get to go home this weekend!

We are leaving Friday after I get off work and coming back Tuesday :) I am excited to see my family and friends. During Christmas I didn't get to see any of my friends because everyone was so busy. Lexi gets to see her grandparents and her little cousin Harlow :) I am excited to show my parents all the new things Alexis is doing.

Usually when I go home it doesn't feel like a vacation but this time it really is feeling like it will be. I get to have a much needed girl's night with my best friends! I still haven't used my Massage Envy gift card that I got for Christmas so I am excited to use that when I go down there. We are also going to be taking Alexis to the Long Beach Aquarium :) I have not been there since 7th grade, when we went for a field trip, so I am uber excited! I know Lexi will love it <3

Aside from that, we have just been working a lot. I am applying to start my licensing to teach and also applying for teaching positions. In Utah you can get a license to teach if you have a Bachelor's and you meet the requirements. The hiring season is coming up this month so I am excited to do that. I eventually do want to go back to school but Utah doesn't have a lot of options so I am going to hopefully teach until we move back to Cali, hopefully in just a couple of years, once Derek finishes school.

Lexi is getting so big. We are going to need to do some Spring/Summer clothes shopping for her really soon. For a couple of weeks now Alexis has been drooling like crazy, to the point where I have to change her shirt 3 or more times a day if I am home with her. I tried to check for new teeth but nothing yet, she only has 4 teeth that haven't come in yet so it definitely possible that those are coming in. I have been working with Lexi on the alphabet, in Spanish, and she has gotten so good at it; For some reason she will only say the middle of the alphabet from m-q, her favorite letter to say is P. I can't wait for my parents to hear Alexis reciting the alphabet, even if it is only part of it :) She has also been repeating almost everything I say which is so cute. For Valentine's Day she took some V-Day cards in for the other kids in her daycare class an she was so cute in her Hello Kitty shirt, I don't particularly care for Hello Kitty but we had a hard time finding Valentine's Day themed shirts at Target, go figure, and we didn't feel like running to the mall. All the V-Day cards she got had candy with them, kinda weird since I figure most 2 year old kids don't eat candy, we got gold fishes with her V-Day cards.

I have really started narrowing down everything for Alexis' 2nd Birthday. It is getting so close and I am so excited, but also just a little bit sad that she is growing up so fast :(

I know I should have more to say but for some reason I cannot think of anything. I am sure I will have much to post about when I get back from our trip :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Messy Lexi

Alexis has been such a messy little girl lately. She has been eating really messy whenever I try to get her to use a spoon or fork she will do it for a couple of bites but then just eat with her hands and most of it ends up in her high chair. She has also been drooling like crazy lately; I'm really not sure why though, as I am almost positive she is not teething. She has all her teeth now except for the 4 all the way in the back, top and bottom, and those don't come in until around 2 years.

Speaking of messy...Alexis has been grabbing her poop out of her diaper. Just thinking about it makes my stomach churn. The first time was on Saturday, while I was at work Derek text me and tells me he got out of the shower and Alexis was in her room playing and he walks in to the sight of her holding two hands full of poop and the worst part is that it was smeared on her eyebrows! So disgusting and traumatizing for Derek lol. Well she did it again on Monday she was sitting in the living room with me and I had just taken her clothes off because she had drooled all over herself and I looked away for a second and she had some on her hand :( So we bought some onesies that we are going to start putting on under her jeans and tops. I am just so afraid she will put it in her eye or in her mouth.

Aside from all that Lexi has been great as always, she is finally over her cold. She said "mom" the other day so clear and it made me so happy, it wasn't like the mumbling momma or mami, she has also been mumbling part of the Spanish alphabet :) I need to find her more shows to watch in Spanish.

Lately she has been crazy attached to me and never seems to want to talk. I'll try to sing the alphabet or count with her but she'll just hug me tight, so tight it's hard to let go lol I love that she does that but it's hard because I want to talk with her and help her along with her words.

Nothing is really new with us aside from all that. We are going to be going to Southern California towards the end of February for my dad's birthday. My brothers want to see their friends and I want to see my family and friends as well. It'll be a nice break.

Well that is all for now. Kind of random I know :)

Oh ya and because of how mobile she is we just started her in the Huggies Slip Ons, so far I love them :)