Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are we really at 34 weeks!?!?

I just hit 34 weeks yesterday. There are 41 days left till my due date. Time is going by so quickly, I never thought 34 weeks would come. I feel huge now compared to how I felt the last couple of weeks. Baby is moving around like crazy and I can definitely see her different body parts poking at my belly.

I've started feeling a lot of the not so fun pregnancy symptoms now that I've reached week 34. My back pain is getting pretty unbearable. I have cankles!!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw them so that's kind of depressed me a little but I guess it comes with the territory. I've also started to feel a lot of different cramps and tightening in my stomach, borderline BH contractions.

I'm going to be starting my series of classes next month. I'm taking a lamaze and birthing class and I'm really excited about them because I know they will help me feel less nervous about the whole thing. I'm definitely looking forward to learning hands on and not just from my pregnancy books. Derek and I went to a breastfeeding class today and that was really informational and we really enjoyed it.

I still feel really unprepared but that's only because we haven't gotten all of the little things we need yet. We have a bathtub and several outfits and a ton of diaper boxes. We have the bassinet but haven't set it up yet, we're waiting till about week 36. I'll be flying home this weekend for two baby showers, one that my friends are throwing me and one that my mom is throwing me for my family. My dad is going to be buying us the car seat; I'm excited to get that and get it all set up and ready to go. I think once I get back home from the baby showers and really get into the last weeks I'll feel more prepared and hopefully not as nervous. I just want to make sure everything is ready for our little girl.

Here is a picture of me from last week at 33 weeks. [I look huge!]

Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I Miss From Pre- Pregnancy.

Being on The Bump all the time I always read post about what all these pregnant women miss about pre-pregnancy. It got me thinking about the things that I miss about not being pregnant. So I thought I should share.

Having Clear Skin
I have never been the type of person that breaks out or has a lot of pimples. But OMG being pregnant has just messed up my face :( I seem to get a new zit everyday and they seem to be all on my forehead or on my cheeks. I don't want to sound vain because it's all worth it in the end but it's made worse by the fact that I don't wear make up, every once in a while I wear some mascara and eyeliner or a really light blush but for the most part I'm anti-make up and don't want to turn to it now. That saying really is true, you know you're having a baby girl because she steals your beauty.

Shaving Twice A Week
It is unbelievable how many times a week I have to shave now. It is no lie that pre-natal vitamins make hair and nails grow like crazy! Before becoming pregnant I could shave twice a week and be ok now it's like every other day, sometimes more. What's worse is hair growing where it didn't really grow before. Not to over share but my belly is really hairy and it's ridiculous I'm thinking of waxing it soon because I just can't stand looking at it. Having to clip my nails every other day too is really annoying and tedious. Can't wait for the hairiness to go away!

Not Feeling Swollen
This last week I've started to notice my feet and ankles swelling and it so uncomfortable not to mention kind of gross looking. My shoes fit me so tight now and I'm afraid I'm going to break out of them any day now. Plus I just think my feet look gross now. I want a pedicure so bad!

Eating Whatever I Want
Granted I guess I could eat whatever I want but not without consequences. One of the things I was looking forward to eating the most while being pregnant was pizza. I like pizza but I'm not obsessed with it but for once I was really hoping to really crave it and was excited to eat lots of it. Well come to find out that eating pizza makes me throw up :( I was pretty pissed about this, since I was so looking forward to pigging out on it. It's made worse that Derek loves pizza and every time he wants to eat it I have to get something else. Also lasagna, I can't stomach that very well either and it's pretty annoying. I've also had to cut out some of the spicy foods I love, because the heartburn is too unbearable.

Wearing Victoria Secret Underwear
This may sound like a funny one, but I really miss my pre-pregnancy underwear. All of my underwear is from VS and I love love love them. I tried to stick it out as far as I could but come 7 months I had to give in to buying some bikini cut maternity underwear from Maternity Motherhood. Thankfully they're not as granny panty as I thought they would be but they're not the cute underwear I was used to.

My Butt
To start with I have a big butt and big hips which I'm pretty happy with but since becoming pregnant it feels like my hips have widened even more and my butt has gotten bigger (not in the good way). I already felt I had child-bearing hips to begin with so the horror of them getting bigger and my butt going with it is very disappointing. The bright side I guess is that I have to date only gained 2 pounds so getting a personal trainer after baby is born and really hitting the gym and getting into shape won't be as hard. I hope.

Not Having Extreme Stretch Marks
I had some stretch marks before getting pregnant but nothing crazy and definitely not in some spots I have them now. They are gross and I'm afraid they won't go away. I've been using Bio-Oil since the beginning to make sure I didn't get any but it seems like my body doesn't really care. I think the reason they are so extreme though is because I didn't gain any weight at all till just a week or so ago so my body has literally taken fat from other parts of my body for my belly and the stretch marks in that case were inevitable. It's pretty weird, my waist is thinner because of all the fat that got pulled to my stomach. I just want everything to be normal again.

Being Heartburn Free
I had never experienced heartburn in my life before becoming pregnant. Derek seemed to always get heartburn after every meal but I never really knew what that felt like and boy do I hate the feeling. My doctor prescribed me Zantac but it doesn't always completely go away and I really really hate the feeling. It's not just heartburn either it's all the burping and other bodily functions. I was also never one to burp much but now it happens all the time and I hate it; I feel like a nasty gassy old man lol. Not fun.

Well I can't think of anything else at the moment but this is a pretty good list to start with. At the end of the day I don't really care because I know it's all worth it for my precious little girl, but I can't deny it would be nice to not have to deal with these side effects. End of the rant for me.