Saturday, June 22, 2013


I can't believe it's been almost a month since I blogged.

Well there are a ton of new things going on. The school year ended on the 13th so I have been relaxing this past week or so and it's been so nice not to have to get up early to go to work. I miss all the kids but it's nice to have a break from the craziness. Lexi is not in daycare at the moment, since I haven't been working for the last week but that may change here pretty soon.

I have my orientation tomorrow at the OG (Olive Garden) I figured I needed a summer job, so I'm going to be a server at the Olive Garden in South Jordan. I was a server at the OG in San Francisco which was like 5 1/2 years ago, I really loved being a server so I'm excited. I will be at the Draper 2 campus in the fall continuing to be a teacher in training. I was asked to change over to the West Valley campus, not the one I was at this year, but we are probably going to be renting a home in the Lehi area since our lease is up in August and Derek's company is moving to a new building in Pleasant Grove. I really didn't want to move into Utah county but unfortunately we don't have a choice so that is why I asked to be at the Draper campus. I am hoping to continue to work part time at the OG once the fall starts.

My birthday was yesterday on the 21st, first day of summer, and longest day of the year :)I got a massage yesterday which was amazing but painful all at the same time. I have the worst knots on my back and am in constant discomfort/pain. The masseuse worked out a lot of my knots so I am in some pain but overall my back feels so much better; I really need to make getting a massage a regular thing. After the massage I got some yummy lunch at In n Out, it was soooo good. Later that night Derek and I went out for dinner and some drinks. I got this amazing strawberry mojito. Being 26 really doesn't feel any different than being 25.

Random off topic, but my brother was making fun of me the other day because I told him Derek and I are going to put Alexis in the Beehive Beauties Pageant next month. He thinks pageants are weird/bad so he was making fun; While he was strolling Alexis around while I was getting my massage the other day a lady told him how cute Alexis was (assuming it was his baby) the lady told him she should be in a pageant, when he told me this of course I had to laugh. So many people tell us to put her in commercials/pageants it would be a disgrace to keep her beauty all to ourselves ;) The pageant is July 20th at Weber State there is a beachwear and formal wear category. I hope she has fun with the whole pageant thing; I will definitely update once it gets closer.

Alexis had pink eye about 2 weeks ago, it took about 7 days for it to actually go away. I am almost positive that she got it from someone at daycare. When we picked her up from daycare is when I first noticed it and it only got worse. None of us got it, just her, but now it's all gone. Even with having pink eye she was just smiling and happy :) she's such a trooper. Alexis has been so wild lately and such a fun little girl. She has gotten in the habit of calling everything "mine" and is extra sassy! We haven't had Alexis' 2 year appointment yet; Derek's insurance is delayed a couple of weeks from kicking in so I am hoping within the next 2 weeks we can get her in because I am dying to know what all of her measurements are.

Random: I actually started driving Derek's car. We drove down to Southern California 2 weeks ago to pick up my brothers, we were briefly there for a day. On the way back I drove a lot of the way and once we got back drove myself to work for the last week and caught on really fast so now I am able to drive it :) I am sure I could have gotten a better hang of it before but I just didn't take the time, but I'm glad I did. On another random topic, there is a golf course right across the street from us and there is a trial that goes through it that I never really knew about. My brothers would take that trail to work everyday but I didn't know it goes as far as it actually does. Well today we decided to take a walk on the trail, Lexi came along in her stroller, well the trail is pretty awesome it's about 3 miles long. It was such a hot day but it was so nice to go on a walk and much needed, we walked 2 miles there and back so 4 miles total :)

I am in need of a vacation we are planning a trip to San Francisco mid August to see my friends :) I miss them, the city, and I know they really want to see Lexi. I feel like there is more I needed to say but it is getting late and I need to be up early so I guess we will stop here.