Monday, February 17, 2014

Potty Freaking Training!

So it's been a while since I posted anything and this is very exciting so I thought I would post about it.

Alexis has been using the potty at daycare off and on, while she was still in diapers. Lexi's daycare had been telling us for the last month that they were going to start potty training her and I never heard anything and finally on Thursday her daycare teacher told me to bring Lexi some panties and pants/sweats so they could start this week. We already had some panties at home for Lexi but went out and bought her a ton more and some pants/sweats since we don't really have a ton laying around. Well Friday at daycare Alexis did great, she didn't have any accidents at daycare. I decided this past weekend we, or better yet I, was going to potty train her. I had read a lot of stuff in the past on Pinterest about how to potty train in one day so I read over one of the pins and this is the one I decided to follow How To Potty Train In One Day. I didn't follow it completely, more of that ahead. I was lax about it on Saturday because I just wanted her to get used to the potty before I committed to a whole day of potty hell haha. Well Lexi did have a couple of accidents on Saturday but I also wasn't being too strict.

Well on Sunday we hit it hard. Here are the tips I did follow from the blog. We woke up in the morning and had breakfast like normal and right after breakfast I had Lexi sit on the potty and she peed, the potty plays music and cheers when she pees or poops, I cheered with her and gave her tons of praise and gave her a candy; I had gummy bears and Twizzlers. We put her in just her shirt and panties, no pants. I put a ton of her toys on the kitchen floor and I sat there with her. We made sure to stay off the carpet. I gave Lexi tons of water and snacks, but no candy, I made sure the candy was only for when she successfully went potty. We spent practically all day this way every 15 minutes I took her to the bathroom and would time her for 10 minutes, she would sing the ABCs and I'd sing her songs and just play and keep her busy, after those 10 minutes I'd set my timer for 15 minutes and we just did that all day. We'd take her pee or poop and dump it in the toilet and I'd have her flush it and wash her hands, she knows how to wash her hands really well from when she first started daycare :) She peed several times and pooped at least twice with no accidents. Come 6:30pm I went to go pick up my brother from work and of course when I'm gone she has an accident with daddy, he told me he made sure to tell her "no pee on the floor, pee on the potty" than I got home and The Walking Dead was on I took her to the toilet during a commercial and she peed and I had a feeling she had more to do but of course I wanted to get back to The Walking Dead so of course a minute later she has a little accident, so that was really my bad I didn't give her the whole 10 minutes I should have; Those were the only two accidents she had all day she was a total rock star, she blew me away and I am so proud.

Come night time I had wrapped her mattress in plastic because we decided not to do any pull ups at night, we are doing panties only and not looking back. Well Lexi and Derek have been sick on and off for the last month and Lexi was having such a hard time going to bed. When we went to bed she was fine but in the middle of the night I woke up and she had peed herself, so I woke her up and had her sit on the potty and she didn't pee so i cleaned her up and put her in fresh panties. A couple of hours later I woke up and she was peed again so I sat her on the potty again she she went and I cleaned her up again and put her to bed, I put another blanket over her sheet, also Lexi had a pretty bad fever so I gave her some Tylenol and had her lay with me till she fell asleep. In the morning when i woke up she was peed and had some throw up on her sheet. Poor Lexi had a rough night and I didn't expect her to stay dry. She stayed dry on the way to daycare this morning. So overall I think Lexi did amazing with potty training. I was pretty upset when i picked her up from daycare I asked the daycare teacher that was there, not the normal teacher Lexi has, if Lexi had used the bathroom, she said she just had so we stopped to get some food on the way home and I kept praising Lexi for staying clean, well come to find out when I got home and put her on the potty that she was wearing a diaper!!! I was so upset. I did not spend my time trying to potty training so that they would put her in diapers. I am pretty upset about it and will be talking to them about it tomorrow; I'm not sure if it was just miscommunication with her usual teacher and the new one that was there today but I want to make sure she is only in panties from now on. Lexi went out with me to the store today and she had no accidents and has not had any at home today :) I haven't been going ever 15 minutes we've been doing it every 20 to 30 minutes. I am constantly touching her underwear and saying "no pee pee" and she says "no" and I say "good girl". I think Lexi definitely loves the praise. I'm trying not to give her any drinks before bed, and we are going to be moving Lexi's bed time up to 8:30 or 9. Someone also recommended to me some disposable bed mats that would go over the sheet so it would be so much easier and nicer than having to wash sheets everyday.

I was feeling really behind with Lexi starting so late; We bought her her potty for her 2nd birthday but decided we were going to wait until she was ready and interested and it happened to be now. I was surprised by how many other June Bugs either just started or haven't started potty training at all.

I have some other new stuff going on but I will post about that later. Enjoy!