Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun Night

We went to a birthday party today. Derek's coworker has a little boy named Gavin, who turned 2. [By the way, I love the name Gavin and had we had a boy that would have been his name :)] He is such a sweet little boy and it was nice to meet Derek's friend and his wife, as well as their friends. There were other little kids there so it was fun to watch Alexis playing with them. Aside from daycare she doesn't have a lot of time around little kids. We had some treats and cake and watched them play the rest of the night. Lexi just loves being around other kids and that makes me so happy!

We bought Gavin a Tonka truck and a Curious George DVD and he loved it! It makes me even more excited for Lexi's 2nd birthday coming up. I have already started pinning things months ago. At first I wanted to do a ballerina theme, but this was keeping in mind that she was supposed to do baby ballet this winter but since SLC ballet isn't offering it this spring and I couldn't find it anywhere else at the time I could do it with her, I decided to wait and use that theme until after she has had a chance to do it. I am leaning towards a Princess theme now. We will be having her birthday party in Southern California. We will have something small for her here but the big party in So Cal.

Well I just wanted to share that. Time for bed. My 3 day weekends go by so fast.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Terrible Twos!

Yes, the terrible twos have arrived early! The last 2 weeks or so Alexis has been a little terror. She has to be in my arms or near me, if I put here on the ground and she is near enough to touch me she is fine but the second I move away from her she freaks out and starts whining/crying. We have had to put her in time out a couple of times. I also had to spank her for the first time this week :( I did it just hard enough for her to understand that it's because she is not behaving, but I definitely don't like doing it.

One thing that may also be contributing to her being a little whiny is that we finally weaned her off her paci, she's been without it for a week now. I am so glad we finally did it :) I was really mad at myself for not sticking to my guns about taking it away once she started walking. I've always hated when I see little kids who can walk, walking around with pacis. But Alexis only used it to sleep and maybe every once in a blue moon when she would freak out, so she never really just walked around with it. I am just glad that she can go to sleep now without needing the paci and we will never have to worry about it again!

Lexi has been a little dancing machine! She shakes her shoulders to the music. I have been trying to get her on video but she won't let me :( I'll have to candid catch her one of these days. She has some pretty sweet moves ;)

I have tooth chart for Lexi and it is almost all filled up and ready to frame. She is only missing 4 teeth, but apparently those come in at like 20 to 24 months. She is so cute with all her little teeth.

We have pretty much just been working a lot. I don't remember if I mentioned this in my last blog, but two of my brothers, Manuel and Alex moved out to Utah. They were both having a hard time finding a job, California just really sucks right now, and the community college they were wanting to go to is super impacted. Here in Utah literally everyone is hiring and at the community college here you can do your whole AA online. So they moved out here 2 weeks ago and within the first week already had jobs. Granted the jobs are not anything spectacular it is better than nothing. My brother Alex who graduated high school this year is working at McDonald's and my brother Manuel is working at Walmart. They are both looking for 2 jobs to work as much as possible and save up to go to start school in the summer. They are liking it out here despite not being used to the cold.

I am planning a trip home at the end of February, my brothers want to go back home and see their friends and I would love to see mine too since I didn't get to see them for Christmas when I was down there.

I thought I had more to say and usually I would since it's been 2 weeks since I posted but we have just been running around taking my brothers to their interviews and all that stuff.

I guess I could say that I am pretty upset about Green Bay losing to the 49ers. Should have never happened. I do hope the Ravens beat them :)

Well that is all. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013 :)

It's a brand spanking new year! It is 2013!

I am really excited for this new year. We have a lot to look forward to as a family. Let's just take a moment to take a look back at 2012.

In 2012 my Lexi turned 1 :) and she has grown so much this year! She is absolutely gorgeous and amazing in every way, she is definitely her mother's daughter ;) Derek and I also decided to move back to Utah this past year. It turned out to be a great decision in terms of work for Derek and we are in a much better financial situation because of it. This past year I became an aunt :) my older brother and his girlfriend had a little baby girl, Harlow. I love being an aunt and Alexis loves having a little cousin! I also turned 25 this year and as much as I would love to stay 25 forever, I am looking forward to my birthday this year.

We went to Southern California to see my family for Christmas :) it was so nice to spend time with my family. Alexis got a lot of good stuff from us and from my family. I got my snow boots and new diaper bag with a wallet :) Derek got a Nike running GPS watch and some DVDs. Alexis got some cute bows, snacks, nail polish, doll and coloring books in her stocking. Derek got a magazine, work out stuff, an iPhone work out sleeve, iTunes gift card and some protein bars and vitamins. I got a Parenting magazine, a gift card for a massage (thank god, cause I really need it), some work out stuff, vitamins, body wash, and chocolate :) all in all we had a great Christmas. I was really sad to have to go but we had to pack all our stuff to move it up.

We had to move all our stuff we had left at my brothers apt, so we decided to move into our own place. We got a 2bd 1bth apt in Sandy. We moved in on the 26th and Alexis loves it! I am sure Alexis likes it so much because she gets her own room :) which mommy and daddy are thankful for because she really does need her own space. I had to go back to work on the 27th and lucky Derek had the whole 2 weeks off till tomorrow. It took us till yesterday to really get everything put away and packed but we got everything unpacked and a clean apt for the New Year :) We signed a 7 month lease because we should be all ready to go to get into a house by June. We originally were going to try and get into a house in February but we want to get the best interest rate we can so we want to wait till June.

Another thing that is uber exciting is my two younger brothers Alex and Manuel are moving out to Utah! I convinced them to move out here because of all the job opportunities here that they are not finding in California plus they can easily go to school while they work. They are coming out next week :)

Alexis and Derek ending the year sick and starting the new year sick :( poor babies. Mommy has a super human immune system and never gets sick :) so I do have to take care of my babies.

I'm sure there is more to say but for now that is all :)