Sunday, September 21, 2014

Playing Catch Up

It has seriously been 4 months since I last posted on here! I knew it had been a while but didn't realize it had been this long. I am posting from an iPad that I doesn't have any of my pictures on so I apologize this will be a pictureless post :( and a lengthy one too. I am just going to break down the things that have been going on month by month, for chronological reasons ;)

June: My littlest brother, Baby, who is not so little anymore, came to stay with us for the summer. We flew him out here so he could spend the summer with us and earn some money. We took Lexi out of daycare for the 2 months he was here and he babysat her :) It was nice for him to be out here and get to spend time with us before starting high school. My 27th Birthday was on June 21st :) I got my hair dyed ombré and Derek took me shopping for a new straightener and hair products. I'm sure we went out for dinner some where but I can't remember. Aside from that June was pretty uneventful from what I remember.

July: The beginning of July we went down to Southern California for my niece, Harlow's birthday. It worked out nicely because I had 4th of July off and even though her birthday is on 4th of July, my brother celebrated it on that Saturday. I wish I had the pictures on here to post of Harlow and Lexi; I love seeing them together. Baby's birthday was on July 26th and we took him to Boondocks, an arcade/miniature golf place, took him out to eat and made him a yummy cake.

August August was very eventful. Sadly baby had to leave at the beginning of the month to start school :( We had a fun Summer with lots of swimming and fun activities, so it was sad to see him go. We went to my cousin David's wedding which was so fun and it was really great to be able to see all of my family. We also signed Lexi up for a Creative Ballet class for Saturday mornings at Utah Dance Artist. One of my coworkers gave me 2 free tickets for the "new" aquarium they opened in Draper. Derek had work to do so Lexi and I made a date out of it. It was really crowded but we had fun :)

September The first weekend in September Derek got to go on a fun trip to Austin with his bosses from work to watch the BYU/Texas game and the Cowboys/49ers game. I was very jealous of the hubbster because I have always wanted to got to Austin. Derek and my mom's birthday are both on September 10th. Unfortunately I couldn't be with my mom on her birthday but I bought some food to go and a yummy cupcake for Derek and we had a quiet evening at home. Derek's little sister Holly came over and bought some stuff over for Derek and more cupcakes :) Derek was all sugared out. Lexi is loving her ballet class, she is a little shy but once she gets in there she loves it! We had her stay the first week for the Tap class but she seemed to distracted and the teacher kind of ignored her for the last half hour so it really wasn't a good fit, so just ballet for now. One of my good friends, Rachel, was visitng last weekend from Texas and Lexi and I got to spend some time with her. It was so nice to see her and catch up.

I have been so busy and stressed lately. I will post more about that later and also have some fun stuff to post about coming soon. Ohhhh I bought the pattern today for Lexi's Anna Halloween dress :) I am so excited. I promise to post more regularly. Enjoy!