Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Have a 2 Year Old On Our Hands!

Our Lexi turned 2 on May 14th; I can't believe she is 2 already! We celebrated her birthday the weekend before with Derek's grandma/aunts/uncles and the week after her birthday, last Saturday the 18th we celebrated with my friends and family. My parents and brothers came out last Friday, we had a packed apartment. That night we went out to eat while my dad watched the girls (Lexi and Harlow). That night i had started baking cupcakes for the party, we ordered a jumbo one for Lexi from a cute little bakery near by. I forgot to take a picture of the ones I made for everyone else but they were strawberry and some vanilla ones with pink frosting and white pearls :) Saturday morning I did some last minute shopping for the party. We had sandwiches, potato salad, chips, and watermelon. 

We had Lexi's birthday at a nearby park; it had been raining the night before and even that morning. Lucky for us the weather cleared up and we didn't get any rain the whole time we had Alexis' party. We had the party in a covered pavilion, but there was a playground we were afraid we wouldn't be able to use, since it didn't rain the kids were able to play in it. Unfortunately Harlow had a cold the whole weekend so she didn't get to do much :( Derek's friend and his wife came with their little boy Gavin and Lexi had a blast playing with him. BTW Gavin was our choice for a boy name when we thought Lexi might be a boy, love the name! My good friend from work and her husband came so that was nice. 

I put together a "photobooth" i wish I would have had more paper because it didn't look as good as I had hoped, but it was fun to take some silly pictures with the props. The paper kept falling off because of the uneven surface, but we figured it out. Lexi wasn't a big fan of the photobooth but I feel like the balloons behind us may have been distracting her. Lexi did seem to like posing more with my mom lol she smiled for their picture together. 

Alexis is such a diva! I don't know if it was because it was past her nap time or what, but she was a real sass ass lol. All she wanted to do was play on the playground and all she wanted to eat was pickles. Lexi is probably the best eater I've ever seen and this time she did not care for anything but pickles. When it came time to eat her cupcake, she took a couple of bites but didn't eat very much of it. Lexi opened up her presents and I think her favorite was all the clothes she got. She tried to put on almost every outfit she got. Lately she has been doing that a lot, trying to put her shoes and socks on. My dad bought her a ton of clothes, my mom bought her a dress, my brother and his gf bought her a big wheel, Derek's friend got her a cute Disney princess drawing board/DVD/bubbles, we bought her an outfit, some musical instrument toys, and her new princess potty :) 

We want to start potty training next week, hopefully it goes well. Alexis looked so cute in her birthday outfit, especially with the little crown. I know she had a great time at her party :) The rest of the weekend we just hung out. Derek, myself, Angelique, and my brothers all went to City Creek downtown. City Creek was just being built when I graduated from the U and left so when we moved back and it was done I really wanted to go but just never got around to it. It is a beautiful mall, reminded me of Rockefeller Center on a warm summer day. We came back home Saturday night and played Fact or Crap till about 2am. The next day my dad left so we said goodbye and since my brother and mom were staying till Monday we went out to breakfast and in the afternoon went to nickelcade to play some games. We watched tv that night and went to bed early. Monday morning we said goodbye and they left. It made me really sad to see them go, we had such a fun weekend. 

This week seemed to drag but now that it's Thursday night it actually feels like it went by faster after all. For our 4th grade we had a culminating event of poems and songs that our students had learned throughout the year. We had our performance last night and I was on campus all day from before 8am till 8:30pm, I got caught up on a ton of grading so it was nice. I got so teary eyed when the kids performed; I think of Alexis performing once she gets into school and it makes me so emotional. Plus I love my kids and I love seeing how excited they get about performing. I am so thankful that I have Monday off; it is much needed. 

I am sure I have more to say but I think this will do for now. Enjoy! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Baby Is Turning Two In 9 Days!

I cannot believe Lexi is going to be 2! It feels like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time. I am so excited for her birthday. I am excited to see my family :) I cannot wait to see her in her birthday outfit. My little princess is going to love it.

In the mean time not much has been happening, just working a lot. Alexis is loving her daycare so that's always good. Derek is working a lot and he seems to be enjoying his job. We got to see Holly a couple of weeks ago :) it was nice seeing her since it had been a while. Lexi really missed her auntie. Derek and I are both excited for her to move out to Utah after graduation so we can spend more time with her :)

The last week Alexis had been throwing up in the middle of the night; It happened 3 nights in a row. I felt so bad for her :( She hasn't done it for a couple of nights so I'm hoping it's passed. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last post but the first week Lexi was at her new daycare she had 2 incidents. One of the days I picked her up she had some scratches on her cheek and they said they're not sure exactly what happened but it happened while she was playing. Well I took her home and cut her nails just in case she had just scratched herself. Well the very next day I pick her up and she had the same kind of scratches on her other cheek. Turns out she was playing with a doll and this boy wanted it and he tried to take it from her and he scratched her! I was pretty pissed, this had never happened at her other daycare, and even though I like this one better it was pretty upsetting. I told the teacher in the class that they need to keep an eye on her so it doesn't happen again. I put some Neosporin on her scratches and it's all better now. I guess the older she is getting the more accidents she will undoubtedly have.

On Saturday Lexi was trying to stand on one of her toys and it slipped out from under her and she fell on her face pretty much; She had a bloody nose, a fat lip, and a scratch on her chin :( Poor baby cried so bad but we gave her some Tylenol and stopped her nosebleed. She doesn't seem to mind the bruised lip; Her scratch on her chin is still pretty red but I'm sure it will go away.

I've been meaning to share that I've lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks :) I know it doesn't sound like much but to me it is. Last week I lost 4 pounds and this week a little over 1. I was hoping I'd lost another four but I had like 3 "cheat" dinners and was not able to work out really at all this week. I have been eating Progresso Light soups for lunch and for snacks at work I've been eating carrots and apples and drinking lots of water. The soups are like 180 calories so it's helping a lot. I am hoping for another 4 pounds this week :)

I always want to write more but I am tired and don't have much to say but I am sure on my next post I will.