Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ideas For Alexis' 1st Birthday :))

So I've been wanting to do a zoo themed birthday for Alexis since she was like 3 months. So I've known for a while the type of things I wanted and just recently started pinning ideas on Pinterest for what I want to do.

Derek and I want to take Alexis to the San Diego Zoo for her birthday and since it's not like a traditional birthday party where you have it at your home or at a park, we still are going to be inviting family and friends to join us for a day at the zoo and then we will be heading to a restaurant after for a birthday dinner and for cake :)

I have some ideas for invitations:
I love this invite because we can put pictures of Alexis on it, but I don't like that the wording doesn't seem to pop(except for the name).

I love this invitation because it's cute and I love that the number 2 is big and noticeable as opposed to the first invitation.

This invitation is sooo colorful and it has a ton of different zoo animals so I like that, but I don't like that there is no place for a picture and that it doesn't showcase the birthday number in bold or in big letters.

Some cakes I absolutely love:
I think this cake is soooo cute.

This cake is very similar to the first one but I think it looks sharper and just plain better. I love this but want it to be a hot pink with black zebra stripes and the other layer with the giraffe print to maybe be lavender with white print, so basically just like this but girly.

I love these cake toppers :)

Other fun stuff:
Instead of a typical cone shaped birthday hat I am loving the idea of getting a crown likes this for Alexis, but in a purple or lime green color :)

Potential Birthday Present:
I love these little diamond earrings. Since we're going to be getting my baby ring plated white gold for Alexis I really want to get her these diamond earrings to match :)

At first when I told Derek I wanted to get her some diamond earrings he thought that was too much but I told him that I think having things like that, that our daughter(s) can pass down to their children would be really awesome, like my ring that I'm giving to Alexis. Plus they're not that expensive.

I had some more ideas but I'll leave those to my Pinterest board. I'm so excited to keep planning! I can't believe she's going to be 1 soon!

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