Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free Newborn Photography Session!

I just had to blog about this amazing find!

So lately I've been trying to figure out what I will be doing for maternity pictures and thinking ahead as well to the newborn pictures. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love photography and love being in front of the camera. Pictures are priceless to me and I want to be able to capture all of the special moments in my life through photography. Well being pregnant is one of those moments were I want to capture everything. My wonderful husband, Derek, is less into these things, so it's not really a priority for him to have maternity pictures taken. We had the same amazing photographers for our engagement, wedding, and Christmas shoot. Our photo sessions have not been cheap and now I find myself with almost no budget to have my maternity pictures done.

So anyway, I had the thought of going on Craigslist and see if I could find any local photographers that might be offering up there services for cheap, to build their portfolio. Well I totally hit the jackpot! A photographer from Phoenix is moving to Chico in May and was offering a free session of several of her services to the first people who contacted her. One of her free sessions was a newborn session; I e-mailed her right away and sure enough she still had the free session available! I was a little scared to look on craigslist for a photographer because I know that photographers starting out may not have the best quality pictures, but I got lucky because this photographer is experienced and just happens to be offering free sessions to build her reputation in Northern California.

Derek was pretty excited that we are saving ourselves some money on this. I however need to still figure out what I will do about my maternity pictures. If I still had my Nikon DSLR I would just have Derek take pictures of me but I don't have my camera anymore and I know my little canon point and shoot would not be very good. I pretty much have all of the big purchases for the baby being done by my parents and my inlaws except for I haven't thought of anything for my mom to get me so I'm thinking I might ask her to pay for the maternity pictures.

Anyway, enough ranting from me. I am 29 weeks today. Eleven weeks to go!

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