Friday, July 1, 2011

Alexis Update

I promised myself I would keep up on the blog especially now that Alexis is here but of course I underestimated how unimportant everything else seems to be when I have her to spend time with. So on that note, here is an update.

Alexis is 6 weeks and 5 days old. I can't believe we are so close to being at the 2 month mark. She was doing really well the first 3 weeks but after that she started being really fussy so I'm pretty sure she has colic and I also have a suspicion that she has reflux. My poor baby doesn't go a day without spitting up her milk and she goes hours on end crying inconsolably. I feel so bad for her because there is really nothing I can do. I thought about calling her pediatrician and taking her in but it's seems to be very common and I figured we would wait till her next appointment and then if need be we can get a prescription for the reflux. Apparently they only recommend taking medications if she's not gaining weight so we'll see if she's keeping up on her weight gain at her next appointment; I think she looks bigger but I've been off the last two times I tried to guess her weight.

We had Alexis' newborn shoot at around her 2 week mark. We had originally planned to do it with her just being a couple of days old but because of the preeclampsia and the unexpected c-section we weren't able to do that. I loved the pictures I just wish I had more newborn outfits for her shoot and some headbands but we were so all over the place we didn't get a chance to go out and get them for her. Here are some of the pictures:

We had our first day trip with Alexis on the 22nd. My 24th birthday was on the 21st so we went to San Francisco the next day to celebrate. She loves car rides and this one was no exception, it was a longer car ride than she is used to but she loved it. I got to try out my Moby Wrap and she liked it for the most part but I think the colic and reflux makes it hard for her since she's always in pain. I'm hoping once the colic and reflux go away she'll be able to really enjoy being in the Moby.

When we were in San Francisco we got so many compliments on our precious little Alexis. The best part was when I was catching up with my old roommate, we were just sitting outside a restaurant chatting and this lady came over and told me her little girl wanted to come see the baby, the little girl reached over and touched Alexis' feet and she just stood there smiling staring at her curiously, it was precious. I love little kids :)

We're going to be blessing Alexis at church this Sunday. I'm really excited about that :)

Well I can't think of anything else I should update on at the moment. Oh ya except one random thought, Alexis is getting darker! I only say this because she was so white when she was first born and didn't seem to have gotten any color from me but now she looks like she's getting darker and her skin looks so tan! Well anyway enought of that. I will definitely be better about updating on here.

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