Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Bit of Me & A Little Bit of Alexis :)

So I haven't posted much about what's going on with me lately so I thought I would do that. I just started working at Odyssey Learning Center, with kids that have autism and other developmental disabilities. I had orientation last Thursday and started training this Monday. For training I've been pretty much thrown into a classroom with all the kids, the teacher and the other educational aides. The first day I just observed, the second day I shadowed one of the aides and on the third day I got to work one on one with the kids while someone shadowed me.

On my first day I got slapped a couple of times (pretty hard) by one of the kids. On the second day one of the kids dug his sharp fingernails into my hand. On the third day and fourth day there was a lot more slapping. So looks like this is going to be the norm everyday, but I don't mind it's part of the job. The kids are such characters and the staff is really nice; I think I'm really going to enjoy it.

Alexis has been trying to speak, the last couple of weeks, mostly she's just mumbling random noises. I had been speaking mostly to Alexis in English with a little bit of Spanish but for the past two weeks I've started to strictly speak to her in Spanish, now that she's starting to speak I really want to concentrate on Spanish with her. When I started speaking strictly Spanish with her she stopped "talking" to me as much as she did when I was speaking English with her. Today she started to talk to me like she used to, which makes me happy because that means she's getting comfortable with the Spanish version of me lol.

I just thought I would update on what has been going on lately with me, and Alexis :)


  1. I love you as a mom!!! I want to be there!! Man you are such a tough cookie. I can't believe that you think you'll enjoy your job, but on the other hand I totally can. You're everything "mom": tough, caring, enduring, loving :) awww haha but no it's all true. Muah.

  2. You are so sweet. I had a lot of practice being a mom to my 3 little brothers, lucky for me I still get to practice with them even though it's from a distance. I wish you could be here too. I love being a mom and I can't wait for your turn because I know you'll be a great mom :))))