Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Little Mumbler

New, new, new.

Alexis has been mumbling like crazy. I know she's trying to talk but it's not happening quite yet but she is soooo close. I swore she said mama the other day but it was sort of muffled so I don't think I'm going to count that as her first word just yet ;)

About a week ago Alexis rolled over for the first time! I was working at the school so Derek was home with her when she did it, he said he tried to get her to do it again but no such luck.

Derek has been trying to convince me to start Alexis on cereal. At her 4 month pedi appointment, Dr. Brown let us know that we could start her on cereal at 4 months, but I really wanted to wait till 6 months, there really is no rush. Well I told Derek that we could start her at 5 months, so the other day we were at the store and we bought some whole wheat cereal and gave it to her for the first time yesterday. Well she was really hungry and didn't like having to deal with learning how to eat the cereal so she screamed the whole time and was really upset so I fed her her bottle and decided to try again later. Last night during her night time bath I decided to try and feed her again to see if she would be more receptive to it while she was calm; She didn't cry this time but she didn't seem to enjoy the taste too much and I couldn't get her to eat too much of it but I figured if we keep trying a little bit at a time in a couple of weeks I'm sure she'll be a pro at it.

Alexis is also starting to actually grab at things and not just grasping. She grabbed her paci out of her mouth the other day and held it for a couple of seconds and then threw it to the side. I want to buy her some blocks so she can start practicing grabbing with them.

One thing that Alexis is not doing yet is sitting unsupported on her own. She will sit up if I'm holding her, she's been able to support her head pretty much from day one but she doesn't have enough weight to evenly support herself on her own so that's why she can't sit up yet without any help. I hope that starting to feed her this cereal will help her gain more weight, granted Dr. Brown said she's progressing perfectly but she's still so small.

I've been working a lot lately at the school Monday thru Friday and then 3 days a week at BJ's. I really look forward at the end of my day to coming home and being able to lay with Alexis :)

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