Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun Night

We went to a birthday party today. Derek's coworker has a little boy named Gavin, who turned 2. [By the way, I love the name Gavin and had we had a boy that would have been his name :)] He is such a sweet little boy and it was nice to meet Derek's friend and his wife, as well as their friends. There were other little kids there so it was fun to watch Alexis playing with them. Aside from daycare she doesn't have a lot of time around little kids. We had some treats and cake and watched them play the rest of the night. Lexi just loves being around other kids and that makes me so happy!

We bought Gavin a Tonka truck and a Curious George DVD and he loved it! It makes me even more excited for Lexi's 2nd birthday coming up. I have already started pinning things months ago. At first I wanted to do a ballerina theme, but this was keeping in mind that she was supposed to do baby ballet this winter but since SLC ballet isn't offering it this spring and I couldn't find it anywhere else at the time I could do it with her, I decided to wait and use that theme until after she has had a chance to do it. I am leaning towards a Princess theme now. We will be having her birthday party in Southern California. We will have something small for her here but the big party in So Cal.

Well I just wanted to share that. Time for bed. My 3 day weekends go by so fast.

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