Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Excited For This Weekend

We get to go home this weekend!

We are leaving Friday after I get off work and coming back Tuesday :) I am excited to see my family and friends. During Christmas I didn't get to see any of my friends because everyone was so busy. Lexi gets to see her grandparents and her little cousin Harlow :) I am excited to show my parents all the new things Alexis is doing.

Usually when I go home it doesn't feel like a vacation but this time it really is feeling like it will be. I get to have a much needed girl's night with my best friends! I still haven't used my Massage Envy gift card that I got for Christmas so I am excited to use that when I go down there. We are also going to be taking Alexis to the Long Beach Aquarium :) I have not been there since 7th grade, when we went for a field trip, so I am uber excited! I know Lexi will love it <3

Aside from that, we have just been working a lot. I am applying to start my licensing to teach and also applying for teaching positions. In Utah you can get a license to teach if you have a Bachelor's and you meet the requirements. The hiring season is coming up this month so I am excited to do that. I eventually do want to go back to school but Utah doesn't have a lot of options so I am going to hopefully teach until we move back to Cali, hopefully in just a couple of years, once Derek finishes school.

Lexi is getting so big. We are going to need to do some Spring/Summer clothes shopping for her really soon. For a couple of weeks now Alexis has been drooling like crazy, to the point where I have to change her shirt 3 or more times a day if I am home with her. I tried to check for new teeth but nothing yet, she only has 4 teeth that haven't come in yet so it definitely possible that those are coming in. I have been working with Lexi on the alphabet, in Spanish, and she has gotten so good at it; For some reason she will only say the middle of the alphabet from m-q, her favorite letter to say is P. I can't wait for my parents to hear Alexis reciting the alphabet, even if it is only part of it :) She has also been repeating almost everything I say which is so cute. For Valentine's Day she took some V-Day cards in for the other kids in her daycare class an she was so cute in her Hello Kitty shirt, I don't particularly care for Hello Kitty but we had a hard time finding Valentine's Day themed shirts at Target, go figure, and we didn't feel like running to the mall. All the V-Day cards she got had candy with them, kinda weird since I figure most 2 year old kids don't eat candy, we got gold fishes with her V-Day cards.

I have really started narrowing down everything for Alexis' 2nd Birthday. It is getting so close and I am so excited, but also just a little bit sad that she is growing up so fast :(

I know I should have more to say but for some reason I cannot think of anything. I am sure I will have much to post about when I get back from our trip :)

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