Thursday, March 14, 2013

New New New!

I have been meaning to blog for the longest time but have been crazy busy.

Let me start off with our visit to Southern California :) we were there for 4 days and it was a much needed vacation. We got to hang out with my brothers and my parents. I got to see little Harlow :) she is getting so big. Alexis was so jealous whenever my mom or I would hold Harlow, it was cute lol

I had a fun girls night with my best friend Kathy, Magaly and Debbie :) We went to downtown Fullerton and got a bite to eat and some drinks at a lounge and then did a little bit of bar hopping. It was definitely a fun night. Love my girls!

It was my dad's birthday on the 26th, we couldn't see him that day so we had dinner the night before. We also took Alexis to the Long Beach Aquarium while we were down there, baby came with us. I hadn't been since middle school , when we went for a field trip. We went on a Monday so there were a ton of kids on field trips, so cute :) Alexis loved it especially the penguins. We got her a fish book as a souvenir and she loves it.

The weather down there was so nice, it made it hard to come back to Utah.

After coming back to Utah I actually quit my job and started working as a teacher. I am in training right now probably through the end of the year. I am in a 4th grade class right now but also teach Reading and Math with a mixed class. I'm teaching at a Charter school which is so different from a public school, the first couple of days it was definitely tough to get used to but I really like it now and can see the benefits in charter schools over public schools. The 4th graders all had an assembly and did a song and presentation the other day and I got all teary eyed watching them, I can't imagine how I will be when Alexis starts performing. I love kids :) I also love dressing up to work everyday, I missed that. I get to wear skirts and slacks which I love, my butt looks amazing in slacks, well in anything really ;)

I don't want to be a teacher as a profession but while we are in Utah I figured it would be something I would enjoy until we move back to California and I can do a Masters in Psychology.

I am excited for Alexis' birthday coming up. I have pinned a lot of ideas and favorited a lot of stuff on Etsy I want for her birthday. It's going to be a princess theme: light pink, gray, and white colors. I am going to make Lexi a huge cupcake and cupcakes for everyone else. We really wanted to have it in California but we are going to have it here in UT. We are going to go this weekend to scope out what park we want to have it at. I can't believe she is going to be 2! My baby is growing up so fast.

I ordered some Spanish Flash cards for Lexi :) they got here today and I got her to say "azul" but she said "azu" which is close enough.

There is probably more I should say but I think that will suffice for now. Enjoy :)

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