Sunday, March 31, 2013

Feliz Dia De Pascua!

Happy Happy Easter!

Alexis is taking a nap so this seemed like a good time to blog.

I have this whole next week off from work since all the kids are out for Spring Break. I am glad to have this time off but at the same time bummed I am losing out on those hours. The last 3 days I have just been kind of lazy enjoying not having to do much. I love being home with Lexi and spending all this time with her :)

Alexis such a sweetheart; she gives the best hugs. I always tell her, "Te quiero mucho" instead of "I love you", because I speak to her in Spanish, and she can say "Te" and she mouths the rest of it but can't say it; I know she understands what it means because she always gives me the biggest hugs after I say it to her. I can't wait for Lexi to say it back :)

On another note, it's kind of weird having Easter on the 31st of March, but I am so excited to be into April. April is one of my favorite months :) Alexis loved her Easter basket! She spent a lot of time playing with the "grass" in her basket. We bought her this cute dress and new sandals. She is ridiculously gorgeous in the dress, she didn't let me take a good picture of her, but that is her walking around in it. We also decorated eggs and here is a picture of mommy, daddy, and Lexi's eggs.

We went to Red Robin to have Easter late lunch/early dinner. Lexi is such an amazing eater :) She loved drinking from her new cup she got in her basket. The food was yummy and she was so full she passed out when we got home.

I can't believe Lexi's 2nd Birthday is coming up in a month and a half! We are reserving the park and ordering the invitations this coming weekend :) It's going to be a princess theme and the colors will be gray, light pink, and white. I am so excited for my family to come out. Mother's day is also coming up and my birthday and then Harlow's birthday. There is so much coming up the next couple of months!

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