Sunday, March 30, 2014

Loving The New Look On The Blog

I decided the blog needed a new look. I originally was going to go with something different but decided on this look and I love it! I also decided to link some social media on here :)

I haven't been blogging as much as I use to a lot of it is because I am usually too tired to blog when I get home from work or just busy around the house; Alexis has also been a handful lately. She is a sweetheart but has been going through a bratty stage, it's almost like the terrible twos waited till the end of her 2nd year. We are trying to get her to follow directions better.

Lexi has been potty trained for about a month now and she is doing amazing. She has had a night accident here and there, but I think a lot of it is because she kicks her blankets off at night and it's still pretty cold here; I've been giving her two blankets at night to try and keep her warm.

I feel like time is dragging. I have been picking up a lot of overtime lately since we have our mini-vacation at Disneyland in about 36 days :) I am really excited for this vacation, it is much needed. I am so excited for Lexi since it will be her first time and we're going for her birthday. Speaking of Disney, Lexi is obsessed with Frozen! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it because people were talking it up, similar to Tangled and I hated Tangled, but we bought it for her and I absolutely love it; Lexi wants to watch it all the time!

Derek's work has these exercise one person trampolines, called a cellerciser we bought one and I've been using it everyday along with doing my 30 Day Squat Challenge. I'm almost at the end of the challenge. I've been losing very little weight lately and it's kind of annoying but I think the squat challenge is building muscle so that could be why. I may just have to change my routine up a bit :)

That is all for now. Enjoy :)


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  3. Great update! Once you finish your current exercise rotation may I suggest looking into Jillian Micheals videos- I have been doing a cycle of 6 of her videos along with Jackie Warner and Bob Harper and I have lost 10 lbs (goal is 16lbs) over the last 5.5 weeks (w/ a 1150 calorie count). I am trying the metabolism booster diet by jackie warner (10lbs/10days) starting Monday so if I think it works I will share my results. Lastly, we bought a vitamix a year ago and it has changed my eating dramatically! If you hate fiber you can go the juicer route but really vitamix(juicing) has done wonders for my weight and energy and I am not a diet maniac, I allow for compromise cuz I am HUMAN. It really doesn't need to be dramatic like in the Joe Cross Film, it can be used much more moderately and you will still get changes. HAVE FUN @ Disney you and your family deserve the break.

  4. I actually have one of her DVDs the Ripped in 30 one. I haven't really been using it lately but I think I am going to start again after the 30 day challenge. I have thought about getting a juicer; I may look into it a little bit more. Definitely let me know if you see some good results :) I am definitely looking forward to Disneyland. I will be going down to Southern California a couple more times this summer we should try to meet up maybe June or I will be there in August again. I'd love to catch up :)