Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Is Coming!

I cannot believe it is already March! I know I probably say that about every month but it just seems crazy that we are almost half way through March. Well I actually have a lot of stuff to update the blogosphere with.

After months of not seeing my family we finally went down 2 weeks ago to visit. Our brakes got really bad so we had to get them changed but did not want to pay $400 plus dollars to get them done here so we decided to drive down and kill two birds with one stone. We left on a Friday after work and I drove the whole night. We spent Saturday getting our brakes fixed by my awesome dad! We ate some yummy Mexican food, Utah has nothing that compares to California Mexican. I met up with Kathy and we had drinks and dinner at BJ's. That night my brother, his girlfriend, Derek and I went to San Manuel Casino to do some gambling, while my awesome mom watched the girls. We had a blast and I won like $100 dollars! Sunday we all met up with my dad to have breakfast for his birthday which was on the 26th. After breakfast we decided to head out, Derek and I both took Monday off so we were spending the night in Vegas :) I was sad to be leaving but knew that I would be coming back soon, so it wasn't too bad. Derek had a comped room at the Aria so we got to stay there pretty much for free :) I had never stayed there but I loved it! We got there Sunday evening and once we got settled in ate at the hotel at this yummy pizza place, they had the best calamari, we watched part of the Oscars while we had dinner. After dinner we got some yummy dessert and took it up to the room. After dessert I went downstairs to do a little gambling while Derek hung out with Alexis in the room. Just as the night before after 20 minutes I turned $40 dollars into like $170 and went upstairs to tell Derek and decide to go back down stairs and gamble some more and of course I lost most of what I had won :( which I guess is ok because I lost what I won and not just lost in general; I think the key is to walk away when you're up by a hundred lol we watched the Walking Dead and called it a night. The next morning packed up all our stuff and went out for breakfast, it was a beautiful cool, sunny day on the strip. After breakfast we came back to the hotel and walked around we took Lexi to the arcade and played some games with her. Come lunch time we headed to The Buffet at the hotel, I had a comped meal and it was amazing, the dessert bar was soooo good! **I gave up soda about 3 months ago or so and I had soda there for the first time since I gave it up and it helped me remember why I gave it up, not that I drank it that much to begin with, but definitely not wanting to go back to drinking it anytime soon.** After our yummy lunch we headed home, I drove the whole way home and even though I was bummed to have to come back home it was nice in some way to be back to the routine.

I had started potty training Lexi the weekend before we went home and we figured this trip would help us figure out if she was really potty trained. Well she was absolute perfection on the drive down and back up, no accidents. When we were in Southern California we stayed at my brothers; They have my niece who will be 2 in July and she is not potty trained yet, though they did have a potty for her. Well Lexi was soooo excited to be with her and play that she had 3 accidents within a 2 hour span, which is not like her, whenever I took her to the potty she would sit and get up right away because she was so anxious to play so I figured she just didn't have to go. At daycare all of the kids in her class go so I think it was hard for her to adjust to the situation. I don't really think her accidents were a really big deal because it was isolated to that situation, the second we were out of there she was perfect. We have a potty for her here at home and before we left on our trip I bought her a portable potty seat. When we were in Vegas I kept it in the bathroom and Lexi was a superstar taking it and putting it on the toilet. After our trip we definitely decided she was potty trained. I am so impressed by her and myself ;) having never potty trained anyone, I think I did great and she was a total superstar. When we got back we took Alexis to Target and she got to pick out a toy for being such a potty training rock star, she picked an uber cute lalaloopsy doll.

We have a lot of stuff coming up in the next couple of months. My dad surprised me by telling me he is getting married!!!! I was shocked to say the least. I feel bad I think he felt I wasn't happy for him, but I was just so surprised. I am very happy for him. I have not met her since they've only been going out for a little over a year, is what he told me. He is getting married May 3rd! My first thought, well second was that Lexi's birthday is on the 14th, not even 2 weeks after the wedding and with the wedding my dad probably wouldn't be able to make it out for Lexi's birthday so as sad as it is to have to cancel my plans for her circus themed birthday party, we decided it would be best. We are going to take Lexi to Disneyland instead that weekend for her birthday/first time! I haven't been to Disneyland in years, since Derek and I first started dating, so almost 6 years. We are going to take Lexi to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to have a princess makeover :) I am sooo excited to do this with her. I am counting down the days to Disneyland.

We have Disneyland in May; I have my best friends birthday at the beginning of June; My niece is turning 2, July 4th; Lastly my cousin is getting married in August. Than of course September starts all the awesome fall holidays, so we have a pretty packed Summer ahead of us. Lucky for us March and April are uneventful so we will be saving for the upcoming festivities.

I have been trying to be really good and keeping with my "diet". I have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular meal for dinner. It's not too bad except for the occasional headache in the middle of the day. I just started the 30 Day Squat Challenge :) Today is my third day and I am so sore but looking forward to seeing some results. I am hoping to lose atleast 20 pounds before Disneyland and I think that's pretty doable.

Lexi is such a doll and gets more and more beautiful as she grows. She looks like she is getting some fat on her. Lexi is wearing 2T clothes, which I know is crazy because she is almost three but of course she is super small, which I don't mind :) Lexi is so smart, she loves to read and she recently discovered a love for The Muppets :)

Here are some pictures of our trip. Enjoy :)

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