Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Baby Baby!

It's been a while since I last updated.

School has been hectic. Midterms were crazy and I need to get myself ready for finals so I can end the semester well.

Derek and I have a new chapter to start! We're pregnant! I'm a little over 11 weeks along, we found out during week 3 but we kept it a secret, told our families at week 6 and than waited to tell our friends and everyone else at week 10. My awesome organizing-planning skills worked wonders and just like I planned, i'm due in June! School will be over at the end of May so thankfully I won't need to battle with school and giving birth :)

We're are so excited! I want to buy everything I see that's baby related but I've had to control myself. I bought a pregnancy recipe book, a belly journal(which I love!!!), and I had two other baby books that I bought before we started trying ;) I also just subscribed to Pregnancy Magazine. I need some outside reading aside from law school stuff to keep me sane!

We just had a Christmas photo session with our wedding photographers and it was a blast. I love thinking that we official have a family now, so technically that was our first family picture session :p

I love love love Christmas!

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