Monday, November 22, 2010

Brain Dead

Today has been the longest day ever, well just about.

I had a doctor's appointment at 2:45. After not having slept much the night before, I got up at 7 and had class till 12:15, the whole time I was fighting to stay awake. I got home after class with enough time to have some lunch, I was starving all morning! Then I head to the doctors and i'm there till almost 6!

At my appointment I was supposed to just give some blood for some genetic test but the doctor wanted to check just to make sure everything was ok. My Doctor was trying to hear the heartbeat but he couldn't find it :( so he decided we should do an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok, so after waiting for like 30 minutes he finally did the ultrasound and everything looked great, apparently the baby was just sleeping we saw the heartbeat and I saw the baby kick! It was soooo awesome to see the little leg moving :) Too bad Derek couldn't be there. After the ultrasound I made another appointment and finally got my blood drawn. I finally headed home at around 6.

I got home, had some dinner, and worked on my memo some more. I am sooooooo over this memo. I know that sounds bad because I should be taking it by the horns, but I have no energy anymore. I am literally brain dead. This holiday break is going to hopefully give me time to sleep, something that has been illuding me for days.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week :)

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