Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not So Much.

I've been on winter break from school for almost 3 weeks, and classes start again in 2. I have mixed feelings about starting classes again.

On one hand I'm looking forward to starting school because I know that being busy with school all the time will make the next couple of months fly, which in turn means baby will be here soon. I'm also looking forward to starting classes because I'm pretty bored being at home (never thought I would say that), I'm even thinking of starting some work before classes start. Aside from the holidays I haven't spent much time hanging out with anyone. With Derek working all the time and being broke I haven't been able to enjoy my vacation to the full extent, except for the whole not-doing-anything-watching-TV-all-day part.

On the other hand I am not looking forward to the stress from school, waking up early (well compared to the time I wake up now), having to commute, and even though I want these months to go by fast I'm also not looking forward to missing out on being able to just concentrate on being pregnant and instead having to have the pregnancy take a backseat to school.

To top it all off, I was not happy with my grades at all. I passed all my classes but was not happy with the grades that I received, which means I have to kick it up this coming semester.

Now for some belly ranting...
Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks! It feels really surreal that I'm this far along, I'm sure I will be saying that once I get in the twenties but right now this is pretty crazy to me. Some changes from the last couple of weeks is that I really feel now that I have a real bump, I think I look pregnant now. I've also been feeling flutters from the baby moving I'm hoping that in the next couple of weeks I will be able to actually feel the baby move. One downfall is I'm still throwing up every once in a while, which drives me crazy! I had no morning sickness or anything the first trimester and then the throwing up bile happened and even though my doctor prescribed me Zantac I'm still having a hard time, I think the baby is high in my belly and is causing me to feel sick and not allowing the food to pass. Hopefully my doctor has something helpful to say at my appointment this week.

We will hopefully be finding out the gender of the baby in 10 days!!! I hope the baby will let us see enough so that we can find out. Also once we find out the gender we will be registering for the baby shower. I had fun registering for our wedding; I'm even more excited to register for the baby.

Sometime at the end of January or beginning of February we're going to plan a 3D Ultrasound so that my parents and the in laws can see the baby and find out the gender :) I'm excited to be able to see the baby in detail. I'm also thinking about taking a prenatal yoga class along with a breastfeeding and lamaze class.

I'm also exciting to put together our birth plan and do a maternity ward tour.

There is so much to do and so much coming up the next couple of months and I'm ridiculously excited :) I'm looking forward to 2011 especially for June, we'll have our baby and my 24th birthday all in one month!

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