Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Mommy Talk

I haven't written a random post in a long time but today I feel like being random, so here we go.

I knew before Alexis was born and even before I thought about having a baby, that I would have a specific taste in all things baby related. I didn't know any specifics on what I would like but now that she's 5 months old I already have some specific things I love and things I hate.

Baby Clothes: When it comes to clothes that I absolutely love for Alexis I have two specific brands that I adore. I love love love Carter's and Gymboree clothing. Carter's makes clothing in so many cute colors, not just basic colors, and their clothes have cute designs. Gymboree doesn't have as much variety but their stuff is simple but cute, not overbearing like some other brands. I very much dislike print shirts that have catch phrases or tag lines on them, there are some exceptions to this like onesies that say "I love dad" and things like that but I usually only like the ones that are sown in to the clothing not the print ones. There are very few exceptions to this. Last weekend we were at Babies R Us and I saw these really cute outfits that were ballet style/tutu outfits and they were so cute they were in black/tan/ivory colors and I want them for Alexis sooo bad.

Shoes: Alexis does not have any shoes yet; she does have these cute slippers that her aunt Holly bought for her, but no shoes yet. We figured she didn't need any right away, plus doctors say that it can be bad for infants to wear shoes when they are really young because it can actually cause damage to their feet. I am excited though to start buying her some shoes!

Also random, Alexis loves pillow talk :) Every night when I lay with her she starts chatting me up. I love it <3

That's all the randomness for now.

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