Monday, February 13, 2012

Mommy Moments

I really need to update on how everything is going, but today won't be that day.

I just wanted to write really quick about my proud mommy moment. Alexis woke up at 3am this morning and felt really hot all over I took her temp and it was at 100.4, she had fallen asleep early and didn't get her normal 6oz bottle before bed so I fed her and gave her some Tylenol to help bring her temp down and she fell right to sleep.

Well when she woke up this morning, I took her temperature again and it was back up to 101 and again I gave her Tylenol and she was fine, well I had to go somewhere later in the afternoon and left her with my mom, asked her to take her temperature again and if it was high to give her Tylenol. Well my dad calls me an hour later talking about how I should take her to the hospital because she has a fever and I explained to him that she was fine as long as it didn't go over 104, at that point she would have to go to the hospital.

Earlier in the day I had called her pediatrician's office to speak to one of the nurses and just confirm what I already knew. I came back home and checked her temp and it was at 102 so I gave her some Tylenol and formula and she was fine. The nurse finally called me back and told me exactly what I had told everyone, a 102 fever is mid grade and normal for infants to get especially when they have a cold or anything else wrong with them and not till 104 should I go to the hospital :)

It was a proud mommy moment for me to know that I was doing exactly what I should have been doing, no "first time mom" moment here.

It especially felt good because it's pretty annoying when your parents try to tell you to do this and that, even though I know they're trying to be helpful, it's like, "Hello, I planned this baby I'm pretty sure I researched not just the making a baby part but also the part about what to do after their born!" I'm sure all of you ladies with little ones know what I'm saying.

I know I'm an amazing mom and Derek is an amazing dad. Most importantly I know Alexis knows and feels it :)

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