Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Fun!

I decided to post about Alexis' costume separately, otherwise this would have turned out to be a very long blog post.

This month has been pretty busy. Alexis had an ear infection about 3 weeks ago, so I had to miss work to take her to the doctor, then 2 weeks later she broke out in a rash and daycare told us we couldn't bring her in because they didn't know if it was contagious, so I had to miss work again to take her to the doctor and it turned out she had a reaction to the antibiotics she was taking for her ear infection, so again I had to miss work. I'm hoping Alexis won't be needing anymore doctor's visits at least not until her 18 month well visit.

I spent a lot of the month making Alexis' Halloween costume, so of course I was excited to show it off :) In October we went to a pumpkin patch, my work Trunk or Treat, and went Trick or Treating for Halloween.

On the 29th we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. It isn't exactly a Pumpkin Patch it's more like a ton of games and corn mazes and things like that. We put Alexis in her cute little outfit we bought her for the Pumpkin Patch. We took a ton of cute pictures and picked out the perfect pumpkin! She loved seeing all the kids there :) Here are some pics.

The day after Cornbelly's was my work Trunk or Treat, which was also at Thanksgiving Point at their barn. I had finished Alexis' costume and was super excited to show it off. At the Trunk or Treat they were taking pictures of the kids in costumes for a costume contest; I think the winner gets a gift card or something. I was excited to have them take a picture of Alexis and hopefully win the contest. Everyone loved her Boo costume. Apparently it was going around like wildfire because everywhere we went people were like "Hey someone told me about the Boo costume" lol we even had someone ask to get a picture of her. I will upload the professional picture as soon as they send them out at work and hopefully will win the contest :) for now here are some pictures.

On Halloween I had to work, but it wasn't too bad. We had this contest within our team all month, we got split into 4 mini teams and I was the leader for our team. We tried super hard and have been ahead the whole month and it got pretty close the last day so we don't know yet but hopefully we pulled through, there is a $50 gift card for each person on the team that wins, so I definitely want that :) Alexis wore her cute outfit to daycare she had worn to the pumpkin patch and they gave her a glow stick for Halloween, she also made some cute little crafts with her footprint and paint that they sent home with her, they are too cute. We went out Trick or Treating that night, I had originally planned to just take her around in the stroller and have her look at all the little kids in their costumes, she wasn't going to eat any candy anyway so I figured it wouldn't matter, but we ended up going with Derek's uncle and his kids; Derek didn't feel well so he didn't come out with us. Alexis was so excited, she was shrieking and running around and just so happy to be going around door to door. Here are some pictures from the night.

My little Boo was so cute. October was an amazing month with lots of fun memories :) I am so excited for the Holidays, mostly Christmas. Enjoy <3 \

P.S. Alexis has been giving kisses for a while now, but stopped for a bit and now she is giving them like crazy, leaning in and giving me kisses and shaking like crazy from excitement lol I love her so much <3

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