Friday, November 30, 2012

What's New?

I feel like I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I should update.

Alexis had her 18 month appointment last week. She won't be having any more appointments until she is 2 :) She had some more shots at this appointment and she was such a trooper. They checked her blood to see if she needed to continue taking iron supplements and luckily her pedi let me know she wants her to stop the iron for now and come back in a month to test her again and see if she can stop it altogether. One thing that was a real bummer is that Alexis fell to the 2nd percentile for weight, last visit she was in the 4th percentile :( but thanks to her daddy is in the 70th percentile for her head size lol. The two weeks that Alexis had that ear infection and had broken out, she didn't really have an appetite so I'm sure that contributed to her falling to the 2nd percentile. Alexis is an amazing eater, she is just so active that I'm sure it makes it hard for her to keep the weight on. Well her pedi asked us to start calorie packing and gave us a list of a ton of things to feed her. We are super strict with what she eats in terms of having no juice, unless she is sick, and not giving her any sweets or anything like that but now we've had to let go a little. We're still not giving Alexis any juice but her pedi asked us to give her lots of cheeses and put butter on her food and give her things like pancakes. Even though I don't like the idea of calorie packing, I know that it is for her own good and it definitely is going to stop once she gets to a good enough weight. I've said it before and I'll say it again, as long as she is healthy and eats I don't care how small she is, she is just always going to be petite and I don't mind that at all :)

Speaking of calorie packing; Alexis has officially started ordering off the kids menu when we go out, and she can pack it all away :) It's so weird to me that she is at the age where she can have her own meal when we go out, instead of eating off of mine and Derek's food. We have also started letting her have chocolate milk here and there, and she loves it!

Alexis has started saying "Uh-Oh" it is soooo cute; I think she may have learned that at daycare. She is also saying "Tank you" lol can't quite say the "h" in Thank you. this I also think she learned at daycare. She is still saying "hola" but not as much, I think because she hears a lot of the English words at daycare so it is easier for her. But not to fear I bought more Spanish books for her for Christmas and hope that will help the Spanish along more. Besides momma and daddy, which she has been saying for a while, I know there are other things she is trying to say I just can't make out what it is, one of these days she is just going to explode with a vocabulary.

My little Boo has become the most expert stair climber, which I do discourage because I don't want her to fall. She is definitely an expert walker, even in her boots she has become a great walker. Alexis loves sitting on these tiny chairs in the play area and crossing her legs, she is so cute! For a long time now whenever Derek and I are sitting next to each other, she runs over freaking out wanting to be a part of it, she seriously does the cutest things. She has also been giving kisses for the longest time, I would say "besito" and she would lean in and kiss me, well for the last month she has been puckering up her lips and coming in for kisses one after the other, she understands that concept now :)

Even though Alexis has dropped in her weight percentile I still feel like she has gotten so big. Her hair is so long; I love it! It is past her shoulders. I don't want to cut it and even though her bangs are in her face at times I just can't bring myself to cut it, it's so beautiful.

My little Lexi won the kids costume contest at my work :)

I am super proud of my little cute :) and proud of myself for making it without a pattern :) I also won a gift card for winning the contest, so that was a nice bonus!

On another note, I am super excited for Christmas! We bought all of our presents during Black Friday! We got all of our stockings done and our gifts; Now all I have left is to get my parents, brothers, and little niece Harlow their gifts. We put up our Christmas tree too :)
You can't really see it in the picture, but we put Alexis' new block ornament on our tree :) her first Christmas ornament is down in Southern California so I need to have my brother mail it to me so we can add it to the tree.

We are taking our Christmas pictures on Monday :) Alexis is going to look so fabulous in her dress! I am excited to have our pictures taken and get our Christmas cards sent out! I love the holidays!!!

Well that is all for now! Enjoy!

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