Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love Online Shopping!

Our Christmas cards got here yesterday and the Calendars got here today! I seriously love online shopping. I heard someone once explain it as a double rush, you get all the excitement of purchasing the item and more excitement when you receive it! I love love love our Christmas cards and we will be sending them out this week :) I also just received the calendars I made for my parents for Christmas. I had never used Shutterfly, but heard so many great things about their Calendars and it's definitely true.

Here are some pictures of the Calendars.

I am so in love with them. Shutterfly didn't have any calendars in Spanish so I wrote all the comments in Spanish but the months and all that are in English. I chose a different template for each of them, something more girly for my mom and more basic pattern for my dad; I did use all the same pictures for both though. I wish Derek and I had made one for ourselves, we will definitely have to. They are really great quality and I got 40% off, can't beat that!

I will also, finally, be expecting Alexis' ballerina doll in the mail. I ordered it weeks ago when I ordered Alexis' stocking and ornament but it had been on back order and Pottery Barn Kids had sent me emails telling me it was going to get to me soon but it never did and after talking to someone 3 different times, it is finally on its way! Alexis' Christmas gifts will finally be complete. Isn't it cute?

I was supposed to do a mommy and me baby ballet class with Alexis come Spring, which is where this whole ballerina theme thing came from, sadly the SLC Ballet is not offering it in the Spring; I was crushed, they offered it in the Fall but for some reason are not offering it in the Spring. I couldn't find a different ballet class that is offered at a time I can go and if I did it was for 2 year olds and up; I want to get Alexis started right away but it looks like we will have to wait and see if they offer it in the Fall. So we found this cool tumbling/gymnastics class offered on Saturdays that we are going to sign up for. I want her to do tumbling and gymnastics as well as ballet so I'm not too bummed, I was just really looking forward to ballet :(

Lexi is sick. I think she may have an ear infection again. I called her pedi's nurse and I think Derek is going to have to take her in tomorrow if she can't sleep through the night again. Getting 2 hours of sleep is not fun. I can't miss work,so daddy is going to have to take care of his little girl.

Oh ya I forgot to mention, Lexi had her picture taken with Santa and she loved it. She really loves the camera. Here is one of the pictures.


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