Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Pictures

We had our Christmas pictures taken on Monday. I was so excited to put Alexis in her beautiful little dress :) We went to Camera Shy in Lehi and they were great. I personally like having pictures taken on location, and they do that as well, but for the price we decided to do it in the studio and it was really nice.

I don't like the way I looked but I OMG Alexis looks gorgeous, as she always does ;) I think Derek looked good as well, just not me lol. I didn't post all of them on Facebook so I will post a couple more on here than what I actually put on Facebook. Enjoy :)

We're going to get our Christmas cards out soon, now that we have our pictures :) Alexis loved the camera she is such a model :)

I just wanted to post these on here before I forgot. That is all for today! Enjoy!

P.S. When Derek picked up Alexis from daycare they told him that she was flirting with the boys in the classroom, chasing them and hugging them trying to kiss them lol She is sassy like her mommy ;) love it!

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