Monday, December 17, 2012

New Blog Design :)

I was getting pretty bored with the template I had on my blog, so I decided to change it up. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet; Derek likes it so I think I'm going to keep it for now.

Last week was so exhausting with no sleep and whatnot. For the last 2 nights Alexis has actually been sleeping; The nights before she would fight it and cry. Like I mentioned before, I thought she may have an ear infection again, Derek thinks it's just because she is sick that she couldn't sleep. She had tons of mucus in her throat and she has actually thrown up 4 times. She threw up on Saturday while we were out, luckily we were sitting in the car but I guess also very unlucky because she threw up all over herself, the carseat and also a bit on Derek's back seat. She threw up today during breakfast so I'm thinking it may be a stomach bug that's going around. She has been eating pretty light lately since nothing seems to be sitting well with her; It bums me out because whenever she gets sick like this I know it's affecting her weight gain, because even though she is sick, you wouldn't be able to tell with how happy and active she is.

I'm hoping she feels back to normal by this weekend...because we are going home! [Yes, I do still refer to Southern California as home.] I am so excited to get to see my family for Christmas. I am excited for Christmas in general.

Speaking of Christmas, I finally got the rest of Alexis' Christmas stuff. The only thing I had been waiting on was her ballerina doll for her stocking. After Pottery Barn Kids having it on back order twice they finally sent it. I was so excited until UPS accidentally delivered it to someone else, which they also did with her stocking. Luckily the person on the other street who got the stocking bought it back, we'll same thing happened with the doll but I wasn't so sure the person was going to bring it by, but they did today! I put it in her stocking and now everything is complete :) On kind of the same note, I ordered Alexis her first pair of Tiny Toms :) I wanted to get her these really cute Lacoste shoes but they didn't have her size so I feel in love with these toms. They should be getting here Wednesday if UPS does their job. I even called them today to make sure they don't send it somewhere else.

We did a little bit more Christmas shopping today got the Christmas Presents for my brother and his gf and my little niece Harlow. Now I just need to get my 3 little brothers something. I was surprised at how many people were doing all of their Christmas shopping today. I am so glad we got most all of it done after Thanksgiving.

Now that Christmas is just around the corner I am almost sad that this year is ending. Granted I know that next year we will have so much to look forward to so I am thankful for that, just sad in a way to see the holidays go.

I wanted to say how heartbroken I am about the tragedy in CT that happened this week. I was at work and it was on the TVs in the restaurant and I spent the day having to hold back tears whenever something new surfaced about it. I cannot fathom the thought of having to come home without Alexis, to all of her things and to never see her sweet face again, aside from pictures and videos. No parent should ever have to bury their child. I know how I feel when I think of Alexis' bright future and all the thing she will do and accomplish and I think about these parents who had kids who played sports, instruments, who were so bright and talented and to see that wasted to know that they would never get to experience a full life. I cannot fathom when this happens with adults but with children it's so much harder to comprehend, to take their future away from them and to take the innocence away from those children that witnessed it, is so heart wrenching. I was watching an interview with one of the kid's parents, who survived, and they said that whenever the doorbell rang he was afraid that it was the "bad guy" coming to kill him and that he asked his parents if there were more bad people like him in the world, I broke down and couldn't keep watching.

I know that everyone is either making this a political issue or mental health issue. I really disagree with people making this an issue about guns. If he didn't have access to guns there is no telling that he wouldn't have turned to explosives or any other homemade weapon he could have made. I am also tired of hearing people say that it could have been prevented, had his parents taken him to get help. If what they say is true, and my opinion based on what I've seen, this guy was a sociopath, there is no amount of medication or psychotherapy that can change that. Sociopaths are missing that part of their brain that allows them to tell right and wrong and do not have any sort of conscience. I am also beyond appalled that the media is trying to make a connection to Autism and why he killed all these people. People with Autism, while some are aggressive, they have random spurts of aggression and none of it is premeditated or in anyway calculated. Autism is a social and developmental disorder and someone with this disorder cannot have the ability to premeditate something like this. Sorry for the rant, but I had to put it out there.

I feel like there is more I should say but it's escaping me right now. Oh ya, blogging from an iPad is amazeballs!

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