Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alexis' 2 Year Appointment

Alexis was supposed to have her 2 year appointment back in May but because back in March Derek and I had both changed jobs his insurance took 90 days to kick in so we had to push her appointment back a little. Dr. Nagle was out of the office this week and didn't have any appointments until August but we got another pediatrician there to squeeze us in yesterday :)

Alexis came in at 23 lbs and her height is 32 1/4". She is obviously still on the small side: 3rd percentile for weight and 7th percentile for height. Of course her weight has always been a concern for me; I constantly feel like she is too small. I am so thankful that she has had such amazing pediatricians; Dr. Blackburn let me know that aslong as she is eating healthy foods and is growing at her own rate, which she is, that if anything we are lucky that she is so small, since so many kids now are overweight that of course in comparison Lexi looks really small. Anyone can attest to how much Lexi eats, she is just so active that she burns it off. I didn't realize the average weight for a 2 year old is only 27 lbs, so she is really not that far off. He said that Lexi will probably be 5'4 so she will be small, but I'm 5'4 and I think that is a perfect height for a girl ;) I kept thinking she was going to be much shorter but he seems to think that will be how tall she ends up being. She has great eye contact and reflexes and she is perfectly healthy. She got 1 shot and won't need anymore until she goes into kindergarten :) She also won't need another visit until she's 3!

That is all for now :)

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