Monday, July 1, 2013

We Are Officially Half Way Trough 2013!

Can you believe today is July 1st!?!? I can't. The year has gone by so fast. I guess the older you get the faster time seems to pass. I can't believe I am 26, though it doesn't really feel any different than 25, it still feels weird to think that I am closer to 30 now.

This last week has been very busy and exhausting. I was training most of last week and it was a breeze, since I have worked at the OG before it was really just a refresher. We got to eat lots of food and try some yummy drinks :) Usually when you start serving you get started on 2 tables but myself and another girl that also has served at the OG got to start right away on 3, so that was nice it made a real difference on how I did today. I work dinner shifts the rest of the week and I'm off Friday and Saturday which is nice I just wish that I wasn't working a dinner shift on 4th of July :( but being new that's what happens. I am hoping that it will be really slow and they will phase me out early so that we can go watch some fireworks. Lexi absolutely loves fireworks so I really want to go with her to watch them.

We started Lexi at a new daycare today that is in between our apartment and work since I am not going to be working at the campus in West Valley this coming school year we took her out of the daycare she was at near to that campus. I am going to be at the Draper campus so that's why we were looking for a daycare nearer to where I am going to be. This daycare is smaller and I don't know how I feel about it quite yet since she was just there today but so far it seems pretty nice. For now Lexi will be going there 3 days a week once August rolls around and I have to do training for the school she will be going full time to that same campus or we may find something closer to where we end up moving.

Our lease at this apartment is up in July, we are paying month to month till August so that we can have time to find another place. We keep going back and forth on whether we want to try to buy a house or not. We don't plan to stay here for very long, just long enough for Derek to finish school so part of me thinks that we should still buy a house and not throw our money away but Derek feels like that won't be enough time to make it worth the hassle. Regardless right now we know we are not ready so we are planning on renting a home. Since Derek's company got moved to a building farther south unfortunately we have to move into Utah county, I like Salt Lake County ;), fortunately we are looking in Lehi which is barely into Utah county. Renting a home is going to cost us just as much as our 2 bedroom apartment and we are going to get so much more room and have a yard for Alexis, which is much needed. I am excited to start looking more towards the end of this month.

It has been so ridiculously hot! I hate the heat with a passion. I love the cold. I miss the wonderful San Francisco weather on days like today were it is over 100 degrees. I get off work after the car has been parked in the hot sun and feel like I'm going to melt the second I get in. We kept the apartment nice and cool though ;)and always have ice cold water so it gives me some relief.

My adorable little niece Harlow is turning 1 on the 4th :) I can't believe it! It feels like she was born just yesterday. I am so bummed we can't be there for her birthday; I am happy we got to see her and my family for Lexi's birthday. Hopefully we will be able to make it down there maybe in September.

I gotta say, I am so in love with Alexis. Everyday I am blown away by how much I adore her and how amazing and intelligent she is. I am so humbled by her love for me. There is no feeling in the world that compares to hearing her say "mami" and hearing that love in her voice. I always think back on that first moment we laid eyes on each other and I took a mental photo of it and can still remember how we stared at each other and I knew that she knew who I was. Love at first sight really does exist <3

P.S. Derek and I took Lexi to see Monsters University and she loved it; She kept yelling at the screen lol Really cute movie made me miss college life.

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