Monday, July 22, 2013

Past Couple of Weeks

The past couple of weeks have been busy. On the 7th we headed to Las Vegas just for a couple of hours. We were picking up my brother's friend who was moving out to Utah; He happened to be in Vegas that day so we planned to drive down to pick him up. It just so happened that my friend Michelle was going to be in Vegas that weekend so of course I was excited to meet up with her. We got to Vegas at around 4pm, it was sooo hot atleast 110 degrees. We picked up my brother's friend at New York, New York and headed to Encore to meet up with Chelle. We stayed at the Wynn for my 21st Birthday, they were building Encore when we were there so I had never been. Encore is very similar to the Wynn and was just as beautiful; We meet up with Chelle and ate at a cafe there. It was nice to catch up since I hadn't seen her since right after Alexis was born when we went down to San Francisco. Alexis was being a little diva, the first 10 minutes we were there I had a least a dozen people come up and tell us how cute she was or just plain staring lol, she does love the attention. After our yummy lunch, Chelle had to go back to her hotel so we said our goodbyes and my brother and his friend meet up with us and watched Lexi for us while we gambled a little ;) We played the slots and didn't make any money on the first couple of times but we decided to give it one last chance. I found a slot machine and put in $3 and two vouchers for like 10 and 17 cents and we won $44 dollars! It was a nice little trip :)

This past Saturday we had Alexis' first pageant. The pageant was through Beehive Beauties and it was their American Summer pageant which is an all natural beauty pageant. I'm not into the whole make up thing so I was happy about that. There was a beachwear and themewear segment; For the beachwear we went with a pink bathing suit that had a little tutu on it, she wore pink and green flip flops and her sunglasses I put here hair in pony tails. For the formal wear segment the dress has to be red, white, and blue so we found this cute dress at Gymboree, she wore her white sandals, and I ordered a red, white, and blue headband from etsy with a little rhinestone piece in the middle. This being Lexi's first pageant I was obviously new to everything well you can pay for just the basic entry or you can add or buy a package with additional options, for example they have a program that you can buy and they have a front cover, back cover winner, calendar girl, themewear photo, etc. So if you want you can pay and submit a picture for those and if she wins they put her picture in the program, aside from the picture they already put in, and you get a trophy for that. We decided not to enter her into all of those because it can get expensive and since this was her first pageant we didn't know if she would like it. Well Lexi definitely loved it so next time we will probably opt for those optional prizes.

There were several age groups and Lexi won 1st place in her age group! I went on stage with her during both of her walks and Derek told me she did the best out of the other girls in her group but of course I couldn't see the other girls because we were backstage but he was right! They had some participation trophies for the girls that didn't place and for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd they had bigger trophies, sashes, and tiaras. Alexis got a "Queen" sash, a tiara, a big trophy, and an elephant stuffed animal with a pageant t-shirt on it, the stuffed animal was her favorite part. Since Lexi placed at this pageant she qualifies to be in the year end final pageant in December! We are so proud of our little girl. Derek is so funny, now that he knows she had fun and that she did so well, he is wanting us to find more to put her in before the one in December so she has more practice. I've found a couple but most of them are not all natural and I am completely against putting make up, hair spray and using curling irons and all that. I gotta say there were a lot of wack jobs at this pageant; Moms that were waving and dancing around trying to tell their little ones when to do every move. I saw moms using curling irons on their little 2-5 year olds and to me that is just ridiculous; Way to start ruining your daughter's hair this early. I am fine with using curlers, without the hard plastic, on little girls, but curling irons is too much. Even if we put her in pageants that are not all natural we definitely will not be using make up on Lexi. Here are some pictures of her at the pageant.

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a position that I really want. I had a phone interview and have scheduled a final interview in a couple of weeks. I really really want this job; So hopefully I will have more to say on that in a couple of weeks.

I mentioned last time that I wasn't sure how I felt about Alexis' new daycare. Well I have decided I don't like it very much. I would consider myself to be a daycare veteran at this point, Alexis has been going to daycare for over a year now and she's been to 3 different ones so I am used to things being a certain way. All of the daycares she has been at always gave us a note at the end of the day with what she ate, when she napped, how many times she was changed, if she was happy or not, etc... This daycare doesn't give you any information, they always have a different teacher in her classroom and the classroom set up is kind of all over the place. I loved her last day care the way the classroom was set up all of the kids ate breakfast together at the table, instead of in the kitchen in a high chair. Also her other daycare had a separate playground for the younger kids that was very age appropriate, her new daycare's playground doesn't seem age appropriate. We will definitely be putting her at another daycare once we move to our new place.

Well that is all for now. Enjoy!

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