Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creeping Up On 6 Months!

I can't believe Alexis will be 6 months in 4 days. That means we're half way to her very first birthday!!! Anyone that knows me shouldn't be surprised to hear that I have already started planning out her 1st birthday. I haven't bought anything or reserved anything but I already know where I want it to be, what I want the invitations to look like and already have an idea for a cake :)))

We're planning on taking Alexis to the San Diego Wild Animal Park for her first birthday and having friends and family join us. Alexis loves the zoo animals on her swing so we think spending her birthday at the zoo would be a super fun experience for her. Alexis' birthday is in May so it'll be really nice weather too.

It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and now my little baby is going to be 6 months. Time really does fly; Before we know it Alexis will be 18! Okay, maybe not 18 but it feels like she'll be a toddler in no time. One thing that makes me feel a little bit better is that she's so tiny still at 5 months that she seems smaller than she really is which means I'll be able to carry her around longer and maybe it won't feel like she's growing up as quickly as she really is.

Speaking of Alexis being so tiny, we just put her newborn clothes away in storage. She is 4 days away from being 6 months and she barely got out of her newborn clothes, it's crazy. At this point she fits into 0-3 and 3 month clothing really well, but 3-6 month clothing is still too big for her. Her clothes are going to really last her a long time which is good :)

I'm super excited for the coming months leading up to Alexis' 1st birthday! Derek and I decided that we're going to move back to Utah. I had been super opposed to it for a long time but the truth is that Derek has really great connections out there for a good job and I think my chances of getting a good job are better out there than here in the Sacramento area. Also I'm planning on going back to graduate school and getting my Masters in Psychology. Since my path was always to go to law school there are certain classes I didn't take within my Psychology major that I need to take before I can apply to a Masters so I would love to be able to take those at The U since that's where I got my bachelors degrees. We're planning on moving in February or March. It will definitely be hard not to be in California because I am a California girl and I know I'll miss it but it's for the best for our family right now.

We're hoping that we can find a Spanish speaking daycare for Alexis in Utah. I really hate that my parents aren't nearby to be able to speak to Alexis and help with her Spanish, right not it's just me and Derek speaks to her in Spanish sometimes too but I want him to stick strictly to English and me to Spanish. It would be really helpful if she was learning Spanish in daycare as well, at least for the time that we're in Utah until we move back to California. Which I should mention we're planning on only being in Utah for 5 or 6 years and moving back to Southern California, because Utah is definitely not where I want to settle down.

Once we get settled in Utah and take care of some debt we have to pay down. I'm excited to celebrate Alexis' birthday in California and we're planning on going to Mexico for my 25th birthday. I'm excited to get Alexis her 1st passport :)) I know this is trivial and Derek thinks I'm crazy but I love the idea of a baby passport. Alexis is definitely going to be a little world traveler. I love traveling and Derek does too so it only makes sense that Alexis should have a passport because we do plan to travel a lot. I also need to file for a new passport because of my name change. Sadly my old passport still had 4 years on it but it has my maiden name so I have to get a new one.

I'm also excited to move to Utah and get into a new 2 bedroom apartment so I can finally put Alexis' room together. Right now we're in a one bedroom so it doesn't leave a lot of room for Alexis to have her own space. I'm also excited to go on a mini shopping spree with my little cutie for winter-snow clothes.

I'm excited for the holidays and for moving and getting settled into Utah.

Here's a picture of my cutie :)

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