Monday, November 21, 2011

Alexis 6 Month Pedi Appointment

This morning Alexis had her 6 month appointment :) I was really looking forward to finding out how much she had grown since her last appointment. Well I guessed her weight would be 12 lbs 4 oz, but she only came in at 12 lbs 1 oz, but her length is now 25". It looks like Alexis is in the 1 percentile for her weight, which is crazy, Dr. Brown said not to worry though that she's just tiny but she isn't malnourished. She thinks that because she's getting longer that the weight gain will follow. On that note she asked us about what she's been eating and we told her we've been giving her whole wheat cereal and she said that's good and that we can also start her on baby foods. I'm really excited about that but I'm also a little hesitant I feel like she's not completely ready for that so I think we're going to keep doing the cereal for a couple more weeks and come mid December we can start her on her vegetables and fruits (looks like Alexis might be opening one of her Christmas gifts early ;)).

Derek and I both feel very strongly about introducing vegetables first for the first 2 weeks and than moving her into fruits. I hear a lot of stories about babies who won't eat vegetables after they've had fruits. I definitely want to make sure Alexis has a love for vegetables just as much as fruits.

During this visit Alexis got another round of all of the vaccinations she got last time but she also got a flu shot. This was Alexis' 3rd time getting shots but for some reason this time her cries were even more sad than the last two times; it was so sad that I started crying a little :( I hate seeing my little baby cry. But she was a real trooper as soon as she was done and got into mommy's arms she stopped crying :)

Dr. Brown prescribed some vitamins and fluoride for Alexis so she gets to start taking that and she wants us to start brushing Alexis' gum's even though she doesn't have any teeth yet. We also talked about Alexis' development and she seems to be right on track. We talked about baby proofing since she's approaching that stage where she's going to be moving around a lot.

We have to see Dr. Brown again in a month for another flu shot and also 3 months from now for her next round of shots. I am really sad that we're going to have to find another pediatrician once we move to Utah; Dr. Brown is such a sweetheart and Alexis loves her!

My beautiful little princess.

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