Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Excited For Christmas :)

I know we just entered November, which I loveeeeeeee because it is my favorite month; It is also mine and my husbands anniversary month. However, I am even more excited for December.

Fall is my favorite season! I love love love the holidays. I am really excited for Christmas. Derek and I bought Alexis this cute mini stocking that has an "A" on it and I'm excited to fill it up with some stuff. I originally wanted to get her a big stocking and engrave her name on it, but I figured we would wait till next year to get her one of those when she can actually appreciate it a little better. I figured in her mini stocking we would buy her some new pacifiers and some rattles and teethers.

Derek and I have been thinking about what we want to get Alexis for Christmas, for the last two months. We narrowed it down to asking his parents for a shopping cart cover and then a gift card for other day to day things she may need. My dad is going to get Alexis her high chair :) I'm asking my mom to get us a gift card from Barnes and Noble so we can buy Alexis some books. Lastly I'll be asking Uncle Manuel to get us a gift card from Jamboree or some other clothing store that I like.

So before I buy anything for Alexis I usually research online the different reviews that the product received and I go on The Bump and see what everyone else says about the product I'm interested in. So I thought I knew which high chair I wanted; I was going to stick with the Luv U Zoo theme from Fischer Price, which is what her swing is, but after doing some research I changed my mind. The Luv U Zoo high chair does not convert into anything, which means I would have to eventually buy a booster seat which would already put me over $100; So I looked at the Graco Blossom 4-in-1, at first I only looked at it because of the cute colors, but after researching it I know it's the one.

The high chair functions as a regular highchair, infant feeding booster, toddler booster, and a youth chair.
This highchair is expensive compared to other ones but it is soooo functional. The highchair is of course the best part of it because that's how we'll be feeding her but the infant feeding high chair will pretty much be a necessity as well because my in laws do not have a high chair at their home for Alexis and neither do my parents so when we go over and Alexis needs to eat it will be so much easier to bring over that part of the chair as opposed to the whole thing. The toddler booster is great because you can use the toddler booster seat and the infant booster/highchair/youth chair at the same time, so I can feed two babies at the same time with one high chair! Which will come in handy when we have our next baby :))) The youth chair is also pretty amazing because kids that are too big for booster seats are usually still to short to be able to reach the dinner table at an adequate height so the youth chair is another amazing quality of this high chair.

I don't even have it yet but I already love it!!!! Now all I have to decide on is the color I want. They have I believe 6 or more different colors on the Graco site. I'm going to be getting mine from Babies R Us and they have 4 different colors, the ones I'm interested in are the red one and the teal one.

I love teal, but I also love red, especially as an accent color. I think I'm leaning towards the red <3

Buying stuff for Alexis makes me more excited than getting things for me :)

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