Monday, March 19, 2012

Alexis' 1st birthday dress?

I should be sleeping but I'm not tired lol.I think I may have found Alexis' birthday dress. I wasn't sure what type of dress I wanted for her first birthday, and I know a lot of people do the tutu dress thing for a first birthday. I wasn't sure if I wanted a tutu style dress only because all of the ones I had seen were too much. I was researching dresses today and was on Etsy(I love Etsy!!), and I found this cute dress and I think this is what I want for her birthday dress :)
I also was looking at different shoes and OMG one of the shops I found on Etsy has the cutest shoes, i seriously want all of them! I found the perfect shoes that would match this dress perfectly!
I'm so excited for her birthday to be coming up. It's crazy to think that it's almost been a year since I was last pregnant and had my little baby. I'm just excited because I found the perfect invitations the other night and now I've found the perfect dress and shoes!!!I know the next 50 or so days are going to be stressful with all the birthday planning, but it will be exciting. May is going to be a juggling act because of Alexis' birthday, my brothers high school graduation, atleast one baby shower and having to fly up to Chico for Alexis' doctor's appointment. Well that is it for now. I just had to share!

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