Sunday, March 11, 2012

Serious Update Time!

Finally I am blogging about everything that has been going on.

So Derek and I at first were planning on moving back to Utah, but after lots of thought and consideration we decided that moving back to Southern California would be the best thing, for lots of reasons. We both knew that Southern California is were we wanted to settle, so moving to Utah and then after a couple of years moving back to California would just be a hassle, so we cut the middle part out. Derek wasn't going to be able to transfer right away but we decided that I would quit and move down here with Alexis first and then Derek would join us later on. Derek will be transferring on the 23rd, so a little under 2 weeks!!! We moved me and Alexis down here on February 4th and then on the 23rd Alexis and I flew up to Sacramento for her pediatrician appointment, more on her flight later. That weekend we drove down with all our stuff in a UHaul and Derek flew back up to Sacramento Monday :( We are all settled into our place. For the moment we are living in Rialto, borderline Fontana, hopefully within a year we will be moving to Orange County.

In Sacramento I was working as an educational aide with children that have autism. So I really wanted to work in the same field here, but actually using my degree and getting paid on that level. I found a job as a Behavior Therapist for an awesome company in Orange County; I'm still in the training phase but it's a little different from my last job because instead of being in a classroom setting, I will be going to family's homes and working with them and their children. I am excited to finally be in a career job with growth opportunities and good pay, and excited because it is in Orange County which will make our eventual move easier :)

It is so nice to be near my family again. My mom is like a 5 minute drive from us which is great when I need her to watch Alexis for me. Also my brother and his girlfriend are sharing a townhome with us, which is nice because being able to split rent and bills gives Derek and I an opportunity to save money and pay off some debt we really need to get rid of. Alexis loves spending time with my parents and my brothers so it's nice to be able to spend time together as a family :)

And last but not least Alexis:Alexis is amazing. I was a little afraid she wouldn't be super receptive to my family since she hasn't seen them since she was 3 months old; But the second we got here she was all smiles and loves spending time with everybody, especially my mom and youngest brother. She is also very fond of my dad :)

Alexis got to go on her first flight on the 23rd and she was perfect! Also everyone was sooo sweet to me. The lady who checked me in was so helpful and when I went through security, the girl infront told me I could go in front of her and helped me move my bag onto the belt :)

My plan for the flight was to feed Alexis during take off, so it would help with her ears popping and then to do the same during the landing, or get her to sleep. I boarded the plane with the A group so I pretty much had my choice of where to sit, so I decided to sit all the way in the back in the aisle seat. I decided to make Alexis' bottle before it got to full and I ran out of room, but the second she saw her bottle she wanted it so I fed her hoping we would take off soon but she finished her bottle right before take off, but lucky for me she didn't mind. She was wide awake the whole time and she seemed to like the take off. She didn't cry or whine once, she was literal perfection. She was smiling at everyone and one of the flight attendants even gave her a little certificate for her first flight and the little southwest airline wings. I was pretty impressed with her, not that I ever doubted her :) Getting off the plane all this sweet lady was like, "Oh my gosh I didn't even know there was a baby on the plane, what a perfect little girl." It was nice to have people be so nice to you on a plane with a baby when I hear so many horror stories about people being rude to people that fly with babies. We were soooo excited to see Derek! We all hugged and kissed and that night drove to Chico, since her appointment was early the next morning.

Alexis did not have to get any shots at her 9 month appointment :) Dr. Brown let us know that Alexis' weight is progressing but it's not where she thought it would be so she's hoping that it will pick up these next 3 months before she turns one.

Alexis loves sitting up and she is always smiling and such a chatterbox. I just bought her, her first sippy cup and she loves it. For now I'm just giving her water, I really don't want to introduce juice or anything sweet like that for a long time, it just is not necessary to give little kids juice so I feel no need to now. Alexis has a pretty set feeding schedule: she wakes up in the morning and gets 6oz bottle of formula, has some oatmeal and fruit and through out the day has 4oz along with some vegetables and cherrios every couple of hours, and at night gets another 6oz bottle and some fruit. I've been giving her some finger foods here and there but for the most part she is all over the solids. Alexis is not yet crawling but she is getting there, I'm excited for her to start but I'm also a little sad because that means she is getting older and she won't be a little baby anymore :(

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!So Alexis' birthday is almost 2 months away, so it's time to kick it into high gear. No more pinteresting ideas, it's time to actually put them into action. I'm soooo excited for her 1st birthday!!!!

Well that is all I can think of for now, but this is long enough anyway so enjoy!

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