Monday, March 19, 2012

Alexis' Firsts.

So there are a couple of things that I have been meaning to do with Alexis for a while now, this would be some firsts.

We have been meaning to get her ears pierced since she was like 3 months but we kept putting it off and now we're cutting it close. They say that if you are going to pierce an infants ears you need to do it before they turn 1 otherwise the pain will be a lot worse for them so I'm hoping we can go next month and get them done for her. I'm excited for her :)

One of the other things we were supposed to do was cut Alexis' hair, mostly her bangs. We were going to do it in the beginning of February; Derek and I got haircuts so we were going to get hers done too but the stylist told me that I should just do it myself and that it would be a waste of money to pay her to do it, so we didn't. I'm too chicken to cut her hair myself because I don't want to mess it up, so we didn't.

I moved back down to Southern California that weekend and the following week went to the doctor with my mom and little brother because my brother had sprained his ankle. One of the flabotomist at the doctors office saw Alexis and was like obsessed with her for the whole 5 hours we were there so when she heard me telling my mom about cutting her hair she was like "OMG, don't cut her hair, her little hairstyle is sooo cute." I will admit it is ridiculously cute, when her bangs stay swept to the side and they always seem to be when we go out, so everyone tells me the same thing, not to cut her hair. When Derek brought Alexis into my last day of work at the school all my coworkers were telling me not to cut her hair so I guess there is a consensus, and I agree. For the longest time I think I felt I needed to cut her hair because at some point babies need their first haircut but I definitely think she looks amazing with the long hair and her first haircut can wait till later :)

Alexis has this really cute bathing suit that she hasn't been able to wear yet. I am really hoping to get her to the beach maybe next weekend and get her to atleast wear it once, so it doesn't go to waste, then we can store it for when we have another girl :) So that would be Alexis first time in a bathing suit and at the beach, well a warm beach, San Francisco beaches hardly count ;)

Also when Derek gets down here this weekend we are going to take Alexis to the park to get on her first real swing. I am sooo excited for that!

Derek has been apart from me and Alexis for 6 weeks, granted we saw him 3 or so weeks ago when we had Alexis' doctor's appointment, but it's not the same. I've missed him sooo much and I know Alexis has too, I'm excited for us to be together again and never have to be apart like this again!

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