Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alexis Is Changing Everyday

We've been in Utah now for a week and Alexis is adjusting perfectly. I really think Alexis likes it out here. I'm sure she misses California too but I think that she likes being out here. I miss California and my family a lot. I am so glad that Alexis has adjusted so well with our move.

Now that Alexis is 1 there are some changes she has undergone, mostly in her diet. Like I mentioned before we have started mixing her formula with whole cow's milk (WCM). We have been mixing 2oz of formula with 4-6oz of WCM. Alexis is doing amazing with it :) I was afraid she might not like it, but she loves it. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks we can completely phase out the formula.

With starting her on WCM I also want to get her off bottles and into sippy cups. She has a sippy cup that she uses but she only uses it for water and it's a small sippy cup. I want to get her the bigger 9oz sippy cups to start using for her milk instead of bottles. I love the NUK sippy cups but I have also heard great things about the munchkin sippy cups and I love munchkin products so I'm sure they are great. I'm thinking of getting both brands.

Aside from starting her on WCM, Derek and I also want to feed her more table foods now. We have been giving her table food for a while now but mostly I just give her food off of my plate, we would like to start giving her, her own plate with her spoon and fork and have her try and feed herself with a fork/spoon and not just from me or her feeding herself just with her hands. I love this.

I still can't believe Alexis is a toddler! I am definitely enjoying this stage as much as I can :)

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