Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update Time!

So I was supposed to blog this weekend but never got around to it :) So I've been in training since last Monday and I love it! Obviously 1-800 Contacts is not my dream job, it was hard going from being a behavior therapist and using my degree to being a customer service agent, but the truth is being a behavior therapist here would have been a down grade in pay and I would not have as much time to spend with my little family as I do with this job :) Plus I plan on going back to school for my Masters in the next couple of years and this job would be very flexible for my school schedule. Aside from the flexibility, they have amazing perks and benefits. They have a free gym on site at the main office, for free with personal trainers, they have a restaurant with amazing cheap meals and tons of other perks. I've been doing amazing at training :) we finally got to get on the phone today and take some real calls. I think I did pretty well ;) We had a 2 day health fair last week and we got raffle tickets that we could put into a drawing for any items we wanted. Well turns out I won something :) These cool set of kitchenaid knives.

So that was kind of a cool surprise on my birthday.

My 25th birthday was this past Thursday. Even though we didn't do anything cool like go to Vegas or anything, I had a really good day. I did have to work, but work is fun so I didn't mind. On Friday Derek and I went out to dinner and had some yummy sushi :) I still haven't gotten my birthday present, which is supposed to be a new phone, but that will have to wait till next month :)

My brother's girlfriend is due on July 8th but my brother thinks that she may have the baby sooner, he told me that they thought she was going to have the baby last week but it was just a false alarm. I'm excited for little baby "H" to be born but I'm sad I won't be there, more than likely Derek, Alexis, and I won't be able to make a trip down to Southern California till end of August, we'll see though.

Since I've started working Alexis has been staying with a babysitter; She had a rough first 2 days getting adjusted, but she loves it now! I love hearing about all the new things she is doing, but I am a little sad I'm not there to watch her. She has started walking around tables and couches really fast and crawling super fast, she wants to climb on everything she can. I'm excited because that means she will be walking sooner than we think.

When Alexis had her 12 months appointment, she had to have blood drawn for lead testing as well as other things. A couple of weeks ago her doctor called and let us know that her blood test came back and showed that Alexis has mild anemia. Anemia in premature babies is normal and her case is very mild so even though it made me sad that she has anemia I was happy to hear that it is normal. Her doctor sent us a prescription for iron drops so Alexis has been taking those for the last 2-3 weeks. Derek and I had not given any juice to Alexis but sadly she has had to have some watered down juice with her iron because the vitamin c helps with the iron absorption. Alexis has to have the iron twice a day for 6 weeks and after those 6 weeks she has to have it once a day for another 6 weeks.

I know I was going to update on more things but for the life of me I cannot remember. I'm sure I will have more to say once I do remember.

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