Friday, June 15, 2012

Being Back In Utah Isn't Too Bad

Alexis and I have been in Utah for about 2 weeks and 2 days. It's no secret that I was very sad to leave Southern California, but I am enjoying being back in Utah. I realized this even more yesterday when Derek, Alexis, and myself went to go eat at The Pie. I graduated from the University of Utah (The U) and the original Pie is right across the street from the university; it's a pretty cool place, you can write messages on the wall and its all about The U in there, plus they have good pizza :) We didn't eat at the original one but it still did bring back memories and how nice it is to be near my alma mater and near other alumni. I miss going there.

So since I've been out here I had been applying to a ton of different places. I thought about doing the whole behavioral therapist thing out here. I miss working with the kids and using my degree. However behavioral therapist jobs out here pay a lot lower than they do in California and I really wanted to have my weekends free as well as my evenings free; I didn't have that as a behavioral therapist and I really want to have more time to do things with Alexis and as a family especially now that she's getting older.

I was hoping to get hired on at the same company Derek works at but they never got back to me; I'm not sure if maybe they are waiting to get more people together, but I decided I couldn't wait. I applied to several other different positions and I got a call from 1-800 Contacts on Tuesday and had a short interview over the phone and then I went in on Wednesday for the longest interview of my life lol. I had 3 interviews, took a typing test, and sat with one of the agents and watched her do her job, then they offered me the position and put my schedule together, and I got a tour of the place. So I'm going to be a customer representative with 1-800 Contacts. They don't pay as much as my last job, but they do have monthly bonuses and they have amazing benefits and perks. I start my 4 week training on Monday, once training is over I will be working Tuesday-Saturday 6am-2:30. I am really excited to start working again, I was going crazy these last 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love love love spending all this time with Alexis, but I miss working.

So now let's talk about my little toddler :) Alexis is such a sweetheart. For months now Derek and I have been debating on what Alexis' first words are (she at some points has sounded like she is saying "mama" and sometimes like she is saying "dada") so we officially decided her first word is "dada". My little daddy's girl <3

Alexis has been doing these yoga poses the last couple of weeks. She will have her hands on the ground and plant her feet down and stick her butt in the air or she'll be on one knee and plant her other foot and push her arm back like she's stretching. I love when she does it. I need to take some pictures of her when she does them. She is so sassy and I love it. She is getting bigger and bigger everyday and her hair is getting so long, it's past her shoulders now. I love that her hair is this perfect little A-line hairstyle.

Alexis has a new tooth coming in, it'll be her 8th :)

Yesterday we were out doing a little bit of shopping and we got Alexis some new stuff. We bought her a new sippy cup it was not one of the ones I wanted to get her. I really wanted to get her some NUK and Munchkin ones, but Derek doesn't like the munchkin ones because they have handles and he thinks Alexis won't like them. Target didn't have any of the NUK ones :( so we bought the Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup.

I've heard amazing things about them and they are cute. I tried it out this morning with Alexis and she cried for an hour and did not want anything to do with it. It's a hard spout sippy cup and she's used to her bottles and to NUK sippy cups that are soft spouted, so she can chew on them. I think if she wasn't teething she wouldn't have a problem with it, so I guess we're going to have to get her a different type and hope that later on she will want to use this one.

Derek and I were also debating moving Alexis up a size in diapers from 3 to 4. She isn't leaking but she seems to be getting her diapers pretty full lately, so I think they may be running a little small. So we usually buy the big boxes but target had a deal 2 for $18 on their smaller bags so we got one in 3 and one in 4 so we can try them out before we commit to a whole box full. We also bought Alexis some cute pajamas from Carters :) It's getting warmer here and all of Alexis' pajamas are warm so I wanted to get her something lighter. We got her these:

They are 12 month, so they will be a little big on her but it'll work. They had this cute pink and lime green zebra ones but the zebra was kind of weird and had high heels so I turned that one down lol Even though Alexis' hasn't had any ice cream I think these are really cute. I don't know how I feel about the pants and she probably won't be wearing those but the top and shorts are adorable.

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