Friday, June 1, 2012

My Little Expert Traveler

I finally have some down time to post about mine and Alexis' day. My wonderful dad drove me and Alexis to LAX he helped us check in my bag and the car seat then we hugged and said goodbye :( My mom wanted to come with to say goodbye, but she had to take my brother to take some placement test so she wasn't able to come.

After we said our goodbyes Alexis and I made our way through security. Everyone was so helpful :) I love how nice people are when you are traveling with a baby. I had Alexis in the Moby going through security, like I did during her first flight, and it was so easy getting through security. Once we got into our gate we just sat and waited for our flight to board. The flight was a little late, which sucked because if it was too late we would miss our next flight in Vegas. We got on the plane and got our seat, we had a window seat which Alexis loved, on her first flight we sat in the aisle seat, I picked a window seat this time because I knew she would love looking out the window. She was pure perfection on our flight from LAX to Vegas.

Well turns out we did get to Vegas later than we should have and on top of that the baggage took forever! Since I had to catch another flight out of Vegas and I had a suitcase, car seat, diaper bag, laptop bag, and Alexis to carry, I had to rent one of those cart things. I got the suitcase, car seat, and diaper bag on the cart and carried the laptop bag and Alexis. My flight from Las Vegas to SLC was supposed to leave at 3:20 and by the time I got to Southwest's terminal it was 3:10 so I checked the car seat and my bag in as quick as possible and got our tickets and we tried to get through security as quickly as possible and get to our gate, well turns out the plane was still there, everyone was on board so I was able to get on. I sat in the first aisle seat I found; a super sweet pilot who was a passenger on the plane offered me his seat, he was sitting in an aisle seat behind me but the middle seat was also empty and there was someone sitting in the window seat. I let him know how thankful I was and he was like "I have kids I know how it is." It was so nice to have space to stretch out also the lady sitting in the window seat by me was soooo sweet. She was in love with Alexis and asked if she could hold her, she held her for the first 40 minutes of the flight and Alexis was so sweet to her. She was so good during the flight.

We finally made it to SLC and Derek was waiting for us :) Alexis was so happy to see her daddy again. When I almost missed my flight out of Vegas the ticket agent told me that my baggage may not make it on the same flight, but it turns out my suitcase did make it but the car seat didn't. We had to get a loaner car seat until later that night, when we had to come back at like 9:30 and pick up the car seat that was on the next flight. The loaner seat was really cheap, but it did the job, I was glad though to get our car seat back and I think Alexis was too. We had Cafe Rio that night, went to Target to get some stuff we needed for Alexis and went to the airport to get the car seat and then headed back home and finally got to rest.

These last 2 days have been really tiring, but it's so nice for the 3 of us to be together again. I hate when we are apart and I know Alexis does too.

Today I had an interview and then after the interview Lexi and I headed downtown to visit Jackie and my Lunaberry friends :) It was Alexis' first Trax ride!!! When we were on Trax, not even 5 minutes into our ride, a lady 2 seats down from us started having a seizure. The Trax operator stopped the train at the nearest stop and called the paramedics so we waited, the paramedics showed up and they had us all get off the train and get on another train and we finally got downtown. When I got to Lunaberry Jackie wasn't there, Monica was and we chatted and some of the other girls there too that I know, so that was nice. Alexis and I grabbed some lunch from noddles and Alexis loved it! We got some pesto pasta, salad and bread. Alexis had a good lunch and afterwards we went back to Lunaberry and Jackie was there, it was so nice to see her. I had some yummy frozen yogurt with strawberries and mochi and Alexis had some strawberries and she had her own little yogurt melts :) I was stuffed from lunch and yogurt but Jackie decided I needed some Boba :) it was really yummy, after spending an hour at Lunaberry catching up with everybody Alexis and I jumped on Trax and Derek picked us up and we headed home.

Well we gotta head out to go pick Holly up, so this is it for now.

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