Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Hodgepodge

I haven't posted anything in a while and the other day I thought of something I wanted to write about but I was really busy so I never got a chance to blog. So I'm pretty much just going to write about whatever seems to be floating around in my head.

So for the last 2 months or so we've been using Target's diaper brand, Up & Up, to save some money since diapers are pretty expensive, we also tried Walmart's brand. Well I've hated both brands, especially Walmart's, the diapers were very dry and starchy feeling and Alexis has had tons of leaks and blow outs in both brands. Before trying out the store brands we were using Huggies, my mom used Huggies with me and my brothers and I wanted to use them because I fancied them for whatever reason. I love Huggies and especially after using other brands I can't think of using anything else. Well the other day we finally went back to Huggies and I'm so thankful because they are so soft and comfy and fit snug and definitely keep her dry and free of blow outs. Plus I love the rewards codes! I know for some people using the store brands works but for us it definitely was not working.

Alexis is such a champ with her cereal! We've been feeding it to her twice a day and continuing with her formula. Alexis is really into eating the cereal now, she opens her mouth as wide as possible and leans into the spoon sometimes which is so cute she even makes noises as she's eating, she's even grabbing the spoon and wanting to feed herself. We have a ton of baby food, veggies and fruits, that we plan on starting her on possibly next week. Since the baby food is thick I wanted to wait till Alexis was comfortable with the cereal and was actually opening her mouth up wide and having better control of her tongue before we started feeding her the baby food. I think she's pretty much there!

This weekend we're going to buy her ornament and get it engraved!!! I am so excited to put her beautiful "First Christmas Ornament" on our tree. Derek and I are also on the hunt to find purple Avent pacifiers, we've seen them for 0-6 months but for some reason we can only find pacifiers with animals on them that are 6 months and up, we really just want the color ones.

Alexis is going through some serious separation anxiety with me. I feel so bad for Derek because she freaks out while i'm at work and he has a hard time keeping her happy :/ she is such a doll when I'm home which allows for me to get so much done around the house :) I hope for Derek's sake that she gets over her separation anxiety sooner than later.

Alexis loves when I sing to her in Spanish and English :))) and I love singing to her! We're a match made in heaven <3

I have to mention this, even though the situation at first was awkward, I love having these proud mommy moments. When we were in Chico last for Alexis' 6 month appointment, we went to Starbucks to hang out with Derek's friend, well these two ladies, one that was probably around my age and another that was probably around 30 stopped me, which has been happening ever since Alexis was born, people stop to tell me how cute and small she is and it's always been awkward because I'm like "uhhh thank you?"; this time though it was everything but awkward, Alexis was smiling at them and the younger one even came back twice to ask me about her and it was funny to finally hear someone else admit that not all babies are cute, as she mentioned signaling to a baby behind me lol. The other lady was asking me about how early she was and talking to me about statistics about babies that face out being more extroverted, I had Alexis facing out in the Moby; she was so sweet, she said I made her want to have babies. It's nice to have conversations like that with people, even people who don't have their own kids; I definitely hear the mom side of it on The Bump. It's always nice to have a good convo and it's always flattering to hear how cute your baby is :)

I really wish we could spend Christmas with my parents :( My mom really misses Alexis and I was hoping we'd have the money to drive down but I don't think we will; I have the time off too but I know Derek probably won't. Sad Sad Sad.

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