Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25th Birthday Bash?

So I'm turning 25 in June. Growing up I always thought my 25th birthday would be a bigger deal than 18 and 21; Not that I didn't celebrate those birthdays appropriately. But I've always been in love with the idea of being 25. Twenty five just seems like such an accomplished age and I have pretty much accomplished everything I wanted, I graduated college with two degrees, I'm married, I have a gorgeous baby girl and I've done a good amount of traveling. The only things I've fallen short on my personal goals are not finishing law school and not being at a career style job right now, granted my job does involve the field of Psychology. Even without those two things I can't complain, I'm definitely more accomplished than most 25 year olds, and I worked hard to get here.

I definitely think 25 is the year to celebrate. For my 18 birthday I had dinner with a bunch of friends and had a great time. For my 20th Birthday my roomie Chelle and I went to New York :) and we had a blast. For my 21st birthday a ton of my close friends came out to Vegas to celebrate with me and that was an amazing weekend. So in thinking about my 25th birthday of course I would want to out do everything else i've done, but at first we were thinking of taking a trip to Mexico just Derek, me and Alexis. I really want Alexis to go to Mexico and visit, after all she is half Mexican and I want her to be in touch with her Heritage.

Lately though, I have been talking to my best friend about her 25th birthday; which is also in June and she wants to go to Vegas, so I thought how fun it would be to have our 25th birthdays together in Vegas with all our friends. I figure Derek and I can plan a trip to Mexico at the end of the summer for Alexis.

To be honest I am excited to turn 25 but I'm also a little apprehensive. After I turn 25 I'm pretty much on the fast track to 30. I dread getting older. If only I could be 25 forever.

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