Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Come Early...

Christmas came a couple of days early for Alexis.

I asked my dad to buy Alexis a highchair as her Christmas present. We had planned to get her the Graco Blossom but everywhere we looked that design was discontinued so I found a new design I wanted but I found few places that even sold it and those places were out of stock.

We really needed a highchair for Alexis because we want to start her solids and feeding her solids out of a highchair is not fun. So sadly I gave in to buying another highchair for now an then buying her the Blossom once she grows out of this one. So grandpa's gift turned into a highchair a long with other stuff Alexis needed :) since this highchair turned out to be much cheaper.

We let Alexis open her gift early since we want to get her started on her veggies and fruits right away.

Here she is opening up her gift:

Can't wait to feed her some veggies tonight :)))

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  1. CUTE! And she's so precious!! I want to SEE her grr