Saturday, December 31, 2011

Killing Time Till 2012

Just got off work and Alexis is taking a nap :)

I'm cleaning up and trying to organize the apartment. It's always nice to start off a new year with a clean house.

I've been organizing Alexis' side of the closet and surprisingly she has a lot. I've retired some of her clothes that she doesn't fit into anymore and other things like bottle sanitizers and BF covers that I don't use anymore. Here is a picture of her side of the closet :)

She's got her clothes, toys, books (along with all my pregnancy books), diapers, wipes and all her necessities. We also have her cute little piggy bank, shoes, and headbands :) Can't wait to go on a winter/spring shopping spree and add some more cuteness.

I wish that Alexis and I could spend time with my family today but sadly they are too far away. So it will just be me and Lexi today. As long as I have my little love bug to bring in the year I'm happy!

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